Burma Updates

I check up on Ko Ktike's blog every so often and I am more and more shocked by each new image. Gun shot wounds to the thighs, a dead protester with blood dripping from the sides of his mouth, the mass of brain in the drains outside.

While disturbing pictures, it proves that this is actually happening, that people are actually getting hurt, that people are actually being killed by their own government. I have to commend everyone who has the courage to both send these images despite the consequences and those who are spreading the actual news.

And what did they do to deserve such a harsh and cruel punishment from the very people who are supposed to protest them? They marched through Burma. Although the monks did take some government officials hostage, they were released within five hours. The violent responses didn't occur until several days after. Other than that, they simply walked, peacefully.

At first, they were against fuel price hikes, but their deeper drive was their discontent with government. No, sorry, it's not a government—it's a junta that took over the country, it's a military regime that forced itself onto the country. They even went so far as to rename the country to Myanmar. While the United Nations understandable acknowledges this name change, the U.S. and U.K don't. Seth Mydans wrote an excellent news analysis piece in the New York Times regarding the junta and how the world perceives it.

But really, it would be too easy to just simply to talk to the demonstrators, wouldn't it? Discussions never get anywhere, right? Compromise and all that? Eh, who needs it when you have pure force, right? Right. With force comes power and there isn't much you can do when someone is waving a gun in your face, especially when you're as passionate as the protesters. Many already have experienced that, sadly. They walked to show they were against the regime and everything they stood for, and the junta couldn't handle that. And so they did what they do best. They knew how to take over the country, they sure as hell know how to deal with pesky protesters who wouldn't stay still.

The protesters are admirable and brave because despite all of this, despite everything that could happen to the, civilians and monks still march on. They believe there is something better for themselves, for Burma. They really believe it.

While this is happening, the world denounces the junta, yet, nothing is being done, despite enforcing sanctions and making statements. It's as though Burma will have to deal with this by themselves, as they did before, yet, this feels wrong. There should be something done. And soon, before even more people are hurt, arrested and murdered. Though, it does bode well that the UN sent a special envoy to Burma, but I doubt anything will come of it.

Things are pretty much the same in Burma as of now: the streets are blocked, protesters are being arrested and people are still being killed. Where will this go next?