Linda Hogan Has Affairs with Teenage Boy?

Photo of Linda Hogan Paris Hilton Record Release Party At The Mansion in 2004
Linda Hogan and male friends attended Paris Hilton Record Release Party At The Mansion, Miami on Aug. 28, 2004. (Picture credit: PR Photos)

Ooo...hhhhhh! This is one of the hottest, edgiest, most relevant celebrity gossips from Popcrunch.

Brooke Hogan has accused her mother of carrying on a fling with a teenage employee after discovered the fifty-four year Linda Hogan drinking water with three young boat workers in the kitchen of her beach house earlier month.

“Brooke was particularly engaged at seeing one of the guys-and accused him of being her mother’s boyfriend because Hulk had spotted them out together the previous week,” a National Enquirer insider says. “….She chased after him and demanded he leave her mother alone.”

Shaniqua Tompkins Accused 50 Cent of Behind The Fire

Photo of 50 Cent Spike TV's 2006 Video Game Awards
Rapper 50 Cent, original name Curtis Jackson. (Picture credit: PR Photos)

An "extreme suspicious" fire burned down rapper 50 Cent's millions of dollars valued house yesterday morning in Long Island, New York. While the authorities is investigating who is the arsonist, we hear that Shaniqua Tompkins, 50 Cent's former girlfriend, accused her ex of being the mastermind behind the arson. From Access Hollywood

Tompkins is claiming the rapper is behind the fire, which engulfed the Long Island home.

“He threatened me. [He said] ‘Watch what I’ll do. I’ll have somebody kill you’ and this is what he did,” Tompkins told reporters following the blaze. “He cannot except that I moved on with my life. He tried to kill me and his own child.”

Tompkins was home at the time, along with 50’s 10-year-old son, Marquise. They, along with four others, were hospitalized after suffering smoke inhalation and later released, according to officials.

“[We] couldn’t make it downstairs. We had to jump out the window,” Tompkins claimed.


“Do you think he hired someone to do this?” a reporter on the scene asked Tompkins after the fire.

“Yes, he’s too much of a coward to do it himself,” she insisted. “He has made no attempt to find out if his son is OK.”

50 cent former girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins picture Rapper 50 Cent's former girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins

Holly Hunter Is Hollywood Walk of Fame's 2,363rd Star

Photo of Holly Hunter 10th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards  2004
(Picture credit: PR Photos)

Oscar-wining actress Holly Hunter has been immortalised on Hollywood Boulevard. The 50-year-old who won a Best Actress Oscar for her starring role in Jane Campion's The Piano (1993) received the 2,363rd star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on May 30. "An unbelievable honor," she said. "I'm pretty blown away." Accompanying on the unveiling ceremony were her two-year-old twin sons, director Steven Spielberg, actor Ed Harris, Kate Capshaw, tennis great Billie Jean King and so on. Source: E! & AFP

Liam Neeson Wet His Pants?

What we see from the picture below is that the jeans of Irish actor Liam Neeson is wet. While some believed he pissed his pants, some thought the 55-year-old might have suffer from a beer spill.

liam neeson wet his pants picture
Liam Neeson wearing a trousers with what looks like a wet stain was spotted outside a bar at Belfast City Center Northern Ireland Friday on May 30. (Picture source: Justjared)

Video: Keira Knightley Singing Blue Tahitian Moon in Edge of Love Movie

Keira Knightley Singing Blue Tahitian Moon in Edge of Love Movie
Keira Knightley in Edge of Love movie

Actress Keira Knightley has a singing scene in her new movie Edge of Love. The video below is showing  Knightley singing Blue Tahitian Moon on set, where she is not lip-synching to a pre-recorded track. Perez Hilton said Keira Knightley is a singer better than Scarlett Johansson.

Keira Knightley Singing Blue Tahitian Moon video

Donna Peele Is Charlie Sheen's First Wife (Pictures)

Charlie Sheen first wife donna-peele wedding picture
Donna Peele Charlie Sheen wedding photo (

Donna Peele, pictured above, is the first wife of actor Charlie Sheen. She is almost forgotten by the public, if not mentioned in the news of  Sheen's third wedding to Brooke Mueller . Donna Peele, a model, was married to Charlie Sheen on September 3, 1995, but the marriage was only lasted a little bit more than one year, with an official divorce set on November 16, 2006. A five foot nine inch brunette with green eyes, Donna Peele maintains a 34B-24-34 body during her modeling days. She did not have a baby together with Charlie.

Charlie Sheen and second wife Denise Richards photo
Charlie Sheen and second wife Denise Richards who was then pregnant with the couple's first child Sam J. Sheen. (Picture credit: PR Photos)

Charlie Sheen Brooke Mueller Married in Los Angeles

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller photo
Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen now a married couple (Picture credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos)

CBS comedy Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen and fiancee Brooke Mueller got married in Los Angeles on May 30. Sheen and Mueller tied the knot in a low-key wedding ceremony presided over by an ordained minister pal of the actor at a private estate in Beverly Hills on Friday night.

More than 60 close friends and family members witnessed Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller exchanged "I do" vows.

Brooke, 30, wore a white Reem Acra gown while Charlie, 42, was in a simple black Pronto Uomo suit from the Mens Wearhouse with a gray-and-black striped tie and a white Prada shirt.

The couple had no bridesmaids or groomsmen. Among those who attended the wedding were Charlie's screen-legend dad Martin Sheen, Jon Cryer's wife Lisa Joyner, and Grey's Anatomy star Eric Dane and actress Rebecca Gayheart, who first introduced the pair in 2006.

Source: People &

Angelina Jolie Twins Birth Report Not True

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt attended the Changeling Premiere at 2008 Cannes Film Festival on May 20, 2008. (Picture credit: PR Photos)

The earlier report saying Angelina Jolie has given birth to her twins in France are not true. Both of the 32-year-old actress and partner Brad Pitt's reps have now denied the rumor. Entertainment Tonight, the first site that broke out the news of Brangelina twins' birth citing has withdrew their story from the internet.

Hoopoe Chosen as Israel's National Bird

Israel national bird Hooppe picture
Picture source: Xinhuanet

The State of Israel finally has its national bird. The Hoopoe [wiki] (Duchifat--דוכיפת --in Hebrew), listed in the Old Testament as unclean and forbidden food for Jews, was selected as Israel's first national bird. Shimon Perez, the country's President, announced on Thursday. The pink, black and white-crested bird, among other candidates such as bulbul and red falcon etc. won a nationwide election held by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel since November. A total of 155,000 Israeli people participated in the voting, with 35% of them choosing Hoopoe as their national bird.  Source: Ynet & Reuters

Isla Marcheline, Amelie Jane Jolie-Pitt Twins Pictures to Be Sold for 20 Million?

Angelina Jolie & Jack Black
(Picture credit: PR Photos)

Isla Marcheline Jolie-Pitt and Amelie Jane Jolie-Pitt are reportedly the names of Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's newly born unborn twins. Not surprisingly, their first pictures are must-seek for a lot of entertainment weeklies like People Magazine. According to National Ledger, the mag to obtain the exclusive right to publish those photos may have to at least shed a whopping 20 million dollars, much more than Jenifer Lopez twins' 12 million.

Angelina Jolie Gives Birth to Twin Girls in France?

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie 
(Pictue credit: PR Photos)

Angelina Jolie has given birth to twin girls in France, reported Entertainment Tonight. "Babies are great and so is mom," an unnamed spy close to the actress confirmed to the entertainment site. The names of Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie (Bragenlina) twins are said to be Isla Marcheline and Amelie Jane Jolie-Pitt. Marcheline is after Jolie's mother while Amelie Jame after Brad's.

Update: Both of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's reps denied denied the 32-year-old actress had gone to the labor, E! Online reported.

Angelina Jolie's manager, Geyer Kosinski, told E! News that stories of the actress and Brad Pitt welcoming twin daughters this week are "not true," meaning the most-watched baby bump in the world has yet to pop.

Pitt manager Cynthia Pett-Dante also was in full denial mode, labeling the birth reports premature. "It is a rumor," she said.

Will Smith Divorce?

Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith  1st Annual Essence Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon  photoWill Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith The Kingdom Los Angeles Premiere Sep 17, 2007
Just intimate! Divorce is not an option for Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett.

Will Smith divorce? Definitely No! It's not an option for his marriage with wife of ten years Jada Pinkett Smith, the star of I Am Legend told the comic Ellen on Monday May 26 when taping for The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

...DeGeneres noted that Will and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, have been married for 10 years, unheard of in Hollywood. "It's like dog years when you're married here," she said. "That's like 50 years, right?

"What I found is divorce just can't be an option," the actor explained. "It's really that simple. And I think that's the problem with L.A. – there are so many options. So a huge part of the success for [Jada] and I is that we just removed the other options."

The secret to their success? "We're like listen, we're going to be together one way or the other so we might as well try to be happy," he said.

Tom Cruise, Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith, Jaden Smith  I Am Legend New York City premiere
Scientologist Tom Cruise is the good friend of Will Smith & Jada Pinkett. (Pictures credit: PR Photos)

Source: People

Shaniqua Tompkins Burned 50 Cent's Dix Hills Mansion?

50 cent s dix hills manson burned in a raging fire
"Suspicious" fire burned 50 Cent's Dix Hills Mansion where Shaniqua Tompkins lived in Long Island. (Photo credit: Steve Silverman/Newsday)

Shaniqua Tompkins burned 50 Cent's Dix Hills Mansion? No one knows as now it is too early to predict who is the arson suspect. A raging fire burned down rapper 50 Cent's multi-million mansion in Dix Hills, Long Island this morning.

A total of six persons including Shanique Tompkins and her son suffered smoke inhalation but no life threats. The firefight squad called the fire "definitely suspicious", Newsday reported.

"I would say there is a strong -- a strong, strong -- possibility that it is suspicious," said Dix Hills Fire Department Chief Larry Feld, among the first firefighters to arrive on the scene.

50 cent former girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins picture
Rapper 50 Cent's former girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins picture (

Shaique Tompkins is the former girlfriend of the Grammy-nominated rapper. She was witnessed being very angry at the fire scene.

The doomed mansion has been at the center of a lawsuit between her and 50 Cent.

This April, 50 Cent tried to evict Shaique Tompkins from the house unless she paid him $4,500 a month in rent. In return, Shaique filed a lawsuit against 50 Cent, claiming he had promised her the £1.2 million house more than ten years ago.

Do you think Shaique Tompkins set fire on 50 Cent's Dix Hills Mansion?

Zac Hanson and Wife Kate Tucker Welcomed Son John Ira Shepherd's Birth

Zac Hanson, the drummer of 3-member rock band Hanson, has become a first time dad. His 24-year-old wife, model Kathryn "Kate" Tucker gave birth to the couple's first child together John Ira Shepherd Hanson, reported People.

Zac Hanson and Wife Katryn Kate Tucker  photo
First-time parents: Zac Hanson and wife Kate Tucker (Picture source: People)

Baby John Ira Shepherd was born on Tuesday May 27 in Tulsa. He weighed in at 8 lbs and 4 oz.

"I am so overjoyed to meet Shepherd. There is not an audience or concert that could ever stand up to the feeling of meeting your baby for the first time." Zac Hanson, 22, told the mag.

Jaymes Foster, 50, Impregnated by Clay Aiken

Will Clay Aiken be a good father? (Picture credit: PR Photos)

Yeah! Clay Aiken is to be a father. The 29-year-old runner-up of American Idol Season 2, has impregnated his 50-year-old producer Jaymes Foster. Interestingly, Clay Aiken did not use the traditional way to knock up Jaymes Foster, but by donating his sperm. From TMZ

Here's what we know. Multiple sources tell us the mother is Jaymes Foster, a record producer and Clay's best friend. He lives at her home when he's in L.A.

We're told 50-year-old Foster, who produced several Aiken CDs, is due in August. She's the sister of record mogul David Foster. She divorced a few years back and has no kids. Aiken is 29.

We're told Foster was artificially inseminated. But Clay is a lot more than sperm -- we're told he will have an active role in raising the child.

americal idol clay aiken and producer jaymes foster picture
Jaymes Foste Clay Aiken picture

Can't wait any longer to see how Clay Aiken Jaymes Foster's child looks like.

Jennifer Butler Murray Filed Divorce from Bill Murray

Jennifer Butler Murray  Bill Murray Photo
Bill Murray and wife Jennifer Butler Picture (Source:

Bill Murray divorce? Yes, and it sounds soon! Jennifer Butler Murray, the wife of comedian Bill Murray, filed the divorce paper as early as on May 12 in Charleston County, South Carolina! She accused her husband of 11 years of abusing her and addicting to marijuana,  alcohol and even sex in the divorce papers. According to Bill Murray's attorney John McDougall, the entertainer was deeply saddened by the breakup of his marriage. As the pre-nup stipulated, he needs to pay up to $7 million to his ex-wife within 60 days after a final divorce decree is settled. Link

Sarah Larson George Clooney Split

George Clooney's ex girlfriend Sarah Larson Mercedes-Benz Fall 2008 Fashion Week  photo
Sarah Larson modeled a swimsuit on Mercedes-Benz Fall 2008 Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios, Culver City, CA on March 13, 2008. She reportedly was dumped by George Clooney on May 28. (Picture credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos)

Sarah Larson George Clooney have split!  The message from InTouch Weekly tells George Clooney, 47, has moved out of his LA home while let Sarah Larson, 29, alone to take away her belongings.

George Clooney has broken up with Sarah Larson after nearly a year of dating. According to a friend of Sarah's, the Leatherheads star recently moved out of his LA home while the 29-year-old former Las Vegas cocktail waitress removed her belongings. "George is relieved to be single again," says an insider. "He thinks Sarah is sweet and that is why it was so hard to break up with her." As In Touch previously reported, George, 47, and Sarah struggled to make their relationship work because of their different backgrounds. "The truth is that they had little in common and he just doesn't want to be tied down," explains the insider.

What the reason cause Sarah Larson George Clooney breakup? Is Sarah Larson's racy photos surfaced in March? Maybe.

george clooney former girlfriend sarah-larson-vegas sand magazine photo

Victoria Beckham's Amy Winehouse Look Marc Jacobs ad

Victoria Beckham reveals her bra-strap in a new Marc Jacobs ad

Following her bizarre inspiration in the previous Marc Jacobs ads, Victoria Beckham wears a black dress decorated with blue engraved flowers, a pair of bright blue gloves, and the funny Teletubbies looklike hair-style in a new Marc Jacobs ad. And this time, the 34-year-old mother-of-three appears to have been inspired by Amy Winehouse's exposed lingerie look as she reveals her white bra on the left chest.    Source: Dailymail

Dianne Odell Killed After Iron Lung Suffered Power Failure

Iron lung supported Dianne Odell photo
Dianne Odell Picture

Dianne Odell, an inspirational lady from Tennessee who spent nearly six decades of her life in an iron lung, died after her breath-supporting machine was stricken by a power failure. Ms. Odell suffe

A woman who spent nearly 60 years of her life in an iron lung after being diagnosed with polio as a child died Wednesday after a power failure shut down the machine that kept her breathing, her family said.

Dianne Odell, 61, had been confined to the 7-foot-long machine since she was stricken by polio at 3 years old.

Family members were unable to get an emergency generator working for the iron lung after a power failure knocked out electricity to the Odell family's residence near Jackson, about 80 miles northeast of Memphis, brother-in-law Will Beyer said.

"We did everything we could do but we couldn't keep her breathing," said Beyer, who was called to the home shortly after the power failed. "Dianne had gotten a lot weaker over the past several months and she just didn't have the strength to keep going."

Capt. Jerry Elston of the Madison County Sheriff's Department said emergency crews were called to the scene, but could do little to help.

Odell was afflicted with "bulbo-spinal" polio three years before a polio vaccine was discovered and largely stopped the spread of the crippling childhood disease.

She spent her life in the iron lung, cared for by her parents and other family members. Though confined inside the 750-pound apparatus, Odell managed to get a high school diploma, take college courses and write a children's book.

The iron lung that she used was a cylindrical chamber with a seal at the neck. She lay on her back in the device with only her head exposed, and made eye contact with visitors using an angled mirror above her head. The lung worked by producing positive and negative pressure on the lungs that caused them to expand and contract so that she could breathe.

Iron lungs were first used to sustain life in 1928, and were largely replaced by positive-pressure airway ventilators in the late 1950s. A spinal deformity from the polio made it impossible for Odell to wear a more modern, portable breathing apparatus, so she continued to use the older machine.

How tragic! Our prayers and thoughts are with Odell's family. Link

Huma Abedin Anthony Weiner Are Dating

Huma Abedin Anthony Weiner are dating! Huma Abedin (pictured below), who is the personal aide of Senator Hillary Clinton, was revealed being romancing with Democratic representative Anthony Weiner.

hilary clinton and personal aide Huma Abedin photo
Senator Hillary Clinton and personal aide Huma Abedin picture (Credit: Drudereport)

WP reported when being asked by the Associated Press what's the reason of his the recent trip to Puerto Rico for campaigning for Hillary Clinton, Anthony Weiner confessed it is largely because he is dating Huma.

Democratic rep Anthony Weiner Gay Pride Parade 2005 photo
Anthony Weiner: I'm hot for Hillary Clinton's 'body woman' Huma Abedin. (Picture: Janet Mayer/PR Photos)

Huma Abedin, 32, a Muslim, is the daughter of an Indian expert on Islam and a Pakistani professor mother.

Born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Abedin moved at age 2 with her family to Saudi Arabia where her father started an institute devoted to religious understanding.

With aspirations to become the next Christiane Amanpour, Abedin made her way as an intern for the then First Lady at the White House in 1996. She officially became as Hillary's chief aide and adviser around the time of the 2000 Senate race. Ever since, Huma Abedin is an indispensable aide and owned herself a nickname--Hillary's Body Woman. Source: WP & NYdailynews

Chris Cagle Jennifer Tant Arrested Over Drunken Fight (Mugshots)

chris cagle mugshot Chris Cagle girlfriend jennifer tant mugshot
Chris Cagle (L) and Jennifer Tant Mugshots

Country music singer Chris Cagle and his girlfriend Jennifer Tant were both arrested on Wednesday morning for a domestic drunken fight in Nashville, Tennessee. Read the following quotes from CMT for details on Chris Cagle Jennifer Tant arrests.

Chris Cagle and his girlfriend were being held in a Nashville jail Wednesday morning (May 28) after both were arrested hours earlier on domestic assault charges, according to WTVF-TV in Nashville.

Cagle's latest arrest occurred around 4:40 a.m. Wednesday after he and girlfriend Jennifer Tant visited Players Inn, a bar located west of Nashville in the Bellevue community. Police reports indicate the couple got into a verbal dispute after leaving the bar and that the disagreement apparently escalated into a physical altercation once they arrived at Cagle's home.

After arriving at Cagle's house, officers determined that Cagle and Tant appeared to be intoxicated and that both showed signs of physical abuse. According to a police affidavit, Cagle had a bump on his head caused by Tant hitting him with an umbrella, and Taut had a scrape on her lip and a sore arm from Cagle hitting her with her purse. According to the television station, the couple refused to leave the house, and Tant told police she would rather go to jail than leave Cagle's home.

Cagle and Tant were arrested and taken into custody under Tennessee state domestic violence laws that considered both of them to be a primary aggressor. The law also mandates that both of them remain in jail until 4:40 p.m. Wednesday. Bond has been set at $1,500 each.

Hails! Not too bad for keeping those short tempered people in prison for a while!

Jennifer Hudson Exposed Giant Breast Cleavage

Jennifer Hudson giant cleavage picture

Jennifer Hudson exposed her giant breast cleavage when attending "Sex And The City: The Movie" New York premiere last night!  The very low cut Peter Soronen dress she wore almost gave her a costume drama when the actress, who won an Oscar in 2007 for her role in Dreamgirls, bent over and showered the crowd with air kisses. Source & Picture: Dailymail

Kim Cattrall Wardrobe Malfunction at "Sex And The City: The Movie" New York Premiere

Kim Cattrall in a wardrobe malfunction at Sex And The City New York premiereKim Cattrall wardrobe malfunction at Sex And The City s New York premiere 

The metallic figure-hugging Vivienne Westwood frock Kim Cattrall wore at "Sex And The City: The Movie" New York premiere last night was too tight for her comfort. So the actress who is yet to return some clothes and jewelry to her stylist had to ply clingy material away from her bottom. Source & Pictures: Dailymail

Jenna Bush Oked Ellen DeGeneres Portia de Ross Lesbian Wedding at Crawford Ranch

Newly wed Jenna Bush and mother Laura Bush appeared on the May 28's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. At one point when the host Ellen joked on her guests if she can borrow the Bushs' family ranch in Texas's Crawford for her own forthcoming lesbian wedding to girlfriend Portia de Rossi, Jenna Hager replied "sure" without any hesitation. Will President Bush lend his ranch to Ellen? Tell us your thought!

Gay couple Portia De Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres photo
Portia De Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres attended the 19th Annual GLAAD Media Awards at Kodak Theatre, Hollywood on Apr. 26, 2008. Following the ban lift on the same-sex marriage in California , DeGeneres announced her plan to wed lesbian partner, Australia-born De Rossi. (Picture credit: GL/PR Photos)

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban Baby Is A Boy

Photo of Nicole Kidman Keith Urban at 43rd Academy of Country Music Awards
A pregnant Nicole Kidman accompanied husbnad Keith Urban to attended the 43rd Academy Of Country Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, on May 18, 2008.(Picture credit: Albert Ortega/PR Photos)

Nicole Kidman has been pregnant with husband Keith Urban's child for quite some months. Because of her tiny baby bump, many may have speculated she conceived a girl. Now sources close to Nicole Kidman revealed exclusively to that the Oscar-winning actress is expecting a boy.

Suleman Mirza Madhu Singh Britain's Got Talent Michael Jackson Thriller Video

Michael Jackson impersonator, Suleman Mirza along with Madhu Singh, aka Signature, performed Thriller of The King of Pop, on the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent May 26. It's totally amusing!

Caroline Rhea Pregnant with Costaki Economopoulos's Child

Photo of Pregnant Caroline Rhea at Sex and the City The Movie New York City Premiere
Caroline Rhea Costaki Economopoulos baby bump is so big already. (Picture credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos)

Caroline Rhea Pregnant! The Sabrina, the Teenage Witch actress Caroline Rhea is carrying the first child for her longtime boyfriend, Costaki Economopoulos, reported People. The 44-year-old actress is expected to give the birth this fall. The photo above shows a beaming pregnant Caroline Rhea attended "Sex and the City: The Movie" New York City Premiere on May 27. In case you want to know who Costaki Economopoulos is, he is a stand-up comedian who recently qualified for the World Series of Poker. :-)

Chyler Leigh Hit by Fake Sex Tape Scandal

chyler_leigh_sex_tape scandal
Chyler Leigh has a tatoo on her back. (Picture source:

Chyler Leigh, the newbie doctor Lexie in Grey's Anatomy, was hit by a fake sex tape scandal, reported

...But here's the deal: It's not her.

Reps for the 26-year-old actress tell us she's had a sprawling tattoo on her back since she was 19 -- ain't no tattoo on the lookalike in the raunchy video. The ringer also has a tongue ring and Chyler doesn't.

Just feel sympathetic for Chyler Leigh. Sure she is an innocent victim.

Kimberly Caldwell David Cook Dating (Pictures & Videos)

Photo of Kimberly Caldwell, American Idol Season 2 top 6
Kimberly Caldwell attended the 59th Primetime EMMY Awards - TCV Guide After Party on Sept. 16, 2007. Caldwell  is reportedly dating American Idol champion David Cook. (Picture credit: Deborah Bearor / PR Photos)

According to the reports, Kimberly Caldwell, 26, is dating the newly crowned American Idol winner David Cook, 25. Kimkerly Caldwell, American Idol season 2 top six contestants and now an entertainment correspondent for the TV Guide Channel, took advantage of her network's weekly coverage on AI 7 to get to know David Cooks.

David Cook asked Kimberly Caldwell out to dinner on live TV

The break-through of relationship between Kim Caldwell and David Cook came as the latter asked the bubbly blonde out for a dinner on a live TV Wednesday, May 21. Understandably, Kim Caldwell happily accepted the invitation.

On May 24, Kimberly Caldwell and David Cooks were sported leaving Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse possibly after a dinner together there.

On May 26's Larry King Live, David Cook was asked about his future girlfriend Kimberly Caldwell. “She seems like a really great girl,” Cook said adding that he hopes their relationship “will be a bit of a long, drawn out process.”

Kimberly Caldwell David Cooks picture
Kimberly Caldwell David Cook Picture

Earlier today, David Cook again mentioned his date with Kimberly Caldwell on Live with Regis and Kelly. He said,  “I went out on a date the other day with a woman named Kimberly Caldwell. I did [have a good time]. We’ll probably hang out again. So we’ll see.”

David Cook: I had a date with Kim Caldwell (via)

Kobe Snake Jump Video

Kobe Snake Jump Video

Kobe snake jump video above shows Los Angeles Lakers' superstar Kobe Bryant jumped over a pool full of live snakes and slammed his hyper dunk. Because of his previous Aston Martin jumping stunt, a lot of people believed Kobe faked the snake jump again. However, Kobe Bryant, 2008 NBA MVP, said the video was real.

kobe bryant snake jump video screen-capture
Kobe's Snake Jump is a commercial for Nike.

Liz Trotta Obama, Osama Both "Knock off" Joke Video

Liz Trotta Barack Obama assassination joke video

Fox News contributor Liz Trotta first joked Presidential candidate Barack Obama as "Osama" and then laughed that they should both be knocked off on FOX News channel May 25 when commenting on Senator Hillary Clinton's Robert F. Kennedy's June, 1968, assassination remark. She said at one point:

"...And now we have what some are reading as a suggestion that somebody knock off Osama, uh Obama. Well, both, if we could."

On May 26, Liz Trotta made an apology for the Obama assassination joke on the same channel. She told anchor Bill Hemmer:

Yes, I am so sorry about what happened yesterday and the lame attempt at humor. I feel all over myself, making it appear that I wished Barack Obama harm or any other candidate, for that matter, and I sincerely regret it and apologize to anybody I have offended. It is a very colorful political season, and many of us are making mistakes and saying things we wish we had not said.

Liz Trotta's apology for Osama-Obama knockoff remark video


Madonna, Guy Ritchie On Civilised Separation?

Madonna,  Guy Ritchie, son Rocco and daughter Lourdes photo
Madonna, Guy Ritchie, son Rocco and daughter Lourdes. (Picture credit: PR Photos)

Madonna and husband of seven years, British film director Guy Ritchie have opted for a separation, according to Dailymail's report titled Divorce? No... Madonna and Guy Ritchie's civilised separation. Excerpts:

The news will come as no surprise to those who have followed the turbulent marriage of these two volatile individuals who fell in love but who came from different worlds – she the celebrity former wild child turned diva and he the English gentleman and director of gangster films with a passion for country pursuits.

Now it seems Madonna, 49, one of the richest women in the music industry, has had enough of the constant arguing "about everything" with Guy, who is ten years her junior.

She has complained he often treats her with cold indifference in public, drinks ‘way too much for his own good’ and spends little time with her and their three children – adopted son David Banda, who is two, 11-year-old Lourdes, Madonna’s daughter by dancer Carlos Leon, and their own son Rocco, seven.

Friends say the couple have been living virtually separate lives since the start of the year and have even divided their homes into his and hers quarters so they can avoid each other.


One source said: "Madonna is miserable and has lost her desire to live full-time in the UK."


"Guy’s problem is that he is in her shadow," said one source who knows them both well. "She is the star of the show and he feels a little emasculated by the marriage.

"They’ve just drifted apart. It’s all very sad. But they are trying not to make a drama out of it, for the sake of their children and their careers."

Madonna & Guy, both stay strong!

Sharon Stone's China Earthquake Karma Remark Condemned by Chinese Netizens

Sharon Stone did the charity. According to, Sharon Stone gave away US$100,000 as personal donation and auctioned her own vintage Porsche 911 Targa for US$ 810,00 on the gala of amfAR's Cinema Against AIDS 2008 during 2008 Cannes Film Festival.

Sharon Stone 2008 at Cannes Film Festival - amfAR's Cinema Against AIDS 2008
Sharon Stones @ 2008 Cannes Film Festival - amfAR's Cinema Against AIDS 2008, May 17 (Picture credit: Pixplanete/PR Photos)

Together with Pop of the Queen Madonna, Sharon Stone raised US$ 10,000,000 which will be channeled to the Amfar, the American Foundation for Aids Research, founded by actress Elizabeth Taylor.

Sharon Stone
Soiree Amfar pour le SIDA
Cannes le 17 05 2008

Sharon Stones @ 2008 Cannes Film Festival - amfAR's Cinema Against AIDS 2008, May 17 - (Picture credit: Pixplanete/PR Photos)

Contrary to her kindness showed above, Sharon Stone revealed her dark basic instinct--mixing Sichuan Wenchuan Earthquake with politics (Dalai Lama and his Tibet issues) then hinting it is the karma for China--when being asked about her ideas for the disaster by the Hong Kong Cable TV (video here). Her "brainless" & "heartless" speech has been condemned by Chinese netizens as well as their foreign counterparts.

Below are some examples what those angry people said:

if earthquakes are karmas, then the 911 event must a natural disaster.  Sharon Stone must be a genius!!!  Youtube user--TensaZ

Apparently, Ms. Stone shares similar opinion with Falun Gong practitioners and the Westboro Baptist Church——the lives of more than 60,000 people claimed by the earthquake, including many of her beloved ‘Tibetans’ and thousands of children, are all deserved to die, because she is not happy about the Chinese government’s policy. I guess the same thing goes for people died in the tsunami, 9/11, Katrina, and Myanmar cyclone——well, God and Bin Laden don’t like whatever your government did, so go to hell.

There is no need to protest the hypocrisy of a brainless Hollywood porn star or those human rights activists, as this is what they always do. Ten seconds ago she was still preaching “I don’t think anyone should be unkind to anyone else”, then there came this malicious curse to ordinary people she doesn’t even know——face your karma, rot in hell! Where is the human rights now? Where is the “compassion”? And by the way, where is Dalai Lama’s effort to help those “suffered”——a lot of them are Tibetans, living in the great Tibetan area he always wants to ‘free’?Is ‘karma ‘ all he can teach? Is it the Karma for people who are still worshiping him?

The worst and most shameless part yet to come. “…sometimes you have to learn to put your head down to be of service, even for people who are not nice to you…” My fellow Chinese, my parents and friends who are still suffering in Sichuan, can you feel the mercy and grace from Her Holiness Sharon Stone? -- The New Voice

Anger and disgust! So this is a follower of the so called Nobel Peace Prize winner Dalai Lama. The victims include Qiang, Tibetan and Han people. The dead and injured are real and ordinary citizens. How could politics be mixed up with a natural disaster like earthquake? And to describe the tragedy with the word “interesting”! I curse Sharon Stone. Let all the heartbreaking events in this world be linked to her family; to all these she love and “friends” she would follow. Let all the suffering of the injured and those who lost loved ones be passed to this woman. You believe in karma? OK, one life is not enough for you to pay back. Let the pains follow you through your reincarnations, over and over. --Youtube user Ivyagree via Speak4China

It's such a disgrace that she could speak of 60,000 and growing lives so viciously. I'd also like to point out that the epic center of this earthquake,Aba County in Sichuan Province, is heavily populated by Tibetan Minority. How ironic her remarks sounds for somebody who actually has some basic understanding of Tibet issue.--Youtube user Jamesprc

And a petition to call the cosmetics giant Dior to withdraw Sharon Stone's advertisements:

Dear Dior,

As a Chinese consumer of Dior, I am very disappointed with Dior’s spokesperson, Ms. Sharon Stone’s comments to the Sichuan earthquake recently, as she takes this heavy lost of lives and a humanitarian disaster as a "Karma" for Chinese people’s "wrong deeds". This kind of remarks deeply hurt Chinese people’s feeling and are totally unacceptable. I’ve been using Dior’s cosmetic and skincare products for years and your makeup foundations and the Dior Snow line have been

my favorites, however, I’m gonna boycott Dior’s product from now on until you terminate the Capture Totale endorsement with Ms. Stone, and that’s because:

1, Ms. Stone shows no basic sympathy to Chinese people’s lives and feeling under a circumstance like this and it would definitely do harm to Dior’s brand image.

2, Talking about Dior’s brand image, the Capture Totale line’s target clientele should be women who are mature, intelligent and beautiful, but I could see nothing mature, intelligent or beautiful in Ms. Stone’s comments.

3, Yes, people just have the right to believe what they think is right. BUT It is totally unprofessional to be a spokesperson for a brand like Dior to talk about a disaster like this in public for Ms.Stone.

And I believe that I’m not alone in this, actually, many of my friends have decided to boycott Dior’s product after this happened. However, I believe that Mr. Stone’s comments do not necessarily represent Dior’s point of view and Dior does care about Chinese consumers’ feeling and cherish the Chinese market. So isn’t this a time for Dior to consider

whether it really needs a spokesperson like Ms. Sharon Stone or not. I’ll be waiting for your final decision and hopefully I would be able to walk into a department store and come to a Dior counter in the near future without the angry and disappointed feeling I’m having right now.



Sharon Stone served as auctioneer at Macy's Passport Gala 2004 Benefiting HIV and AIDS Research in Santa Monica, California, in Sept., 2004 . Her recent China Earthquake Karma Interview on Cannes Film Festival may ruin her impression as a charity ambassador. (Picture credit: Lee Roth/PR Photos)

Update: UME, a cinema chain in Hongkong and the mainland China, have decided not to show Stone's films. Some major Beijing department stores had removed advertisements for cosmetic and couture giant Christian Dior, which feature Stone's image.

Shanghai BooKuu Bookshop has withdrew all of Sharon Stone's audio, video products from their shelves and vowed not to import and sell any new Sharon Stone's works. They even called on other bookshops to follow in their steps to boycott Sharon Stone.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie $60 Million, 1000 Acres Mansion In France

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Mansion In France picture

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have paid about $60 million on a 1,000-acre estate which located in Chateau Miraval in the south of France.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie French estate picture

The mansion features 35 bedrooms, 20 fountains, indoor pool, billiards room, swimming pool, two gyms, sauna, jacuzzi, vineyard, lake, and moat, and a huge forest so the paparazzi have no chance to take pictures of the couple and kids. The pair will have famous neighbours who are already their friends such as Bono and The Edge from U2. The location looks perfect for Brad and Angelina who have chosen France to have their twins as a tribute to her French grandmother and mother. The couple have reportedly spent almost another million on furniture and will move in by the beginning of August as they are expecting twins on the 19th. Picture and Source: Dailymail

Sharon Stone China Earthquake Karma Interview Video

Video--Sharon Stone: China Earthquake Is the Karma!

These days Sharon Stone was attending the Cannes Film Festival in France. When being interviewed for her opinion on China's 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake by the Hong Kong Cable TV on an occasion, unexpectedly, the 50-year-old actress associated the killer earthquake with Dalai Lama and China's Tibet issue and believed it was the karma. Sharon Stone said:

Well you know it was very interesting because at first, you know, I am not happy about the ways the Chinese were treating the Tibetans because I don’t think anyone should be unkind to anyone else. And so I have been very concerned about how to think and what to do about that because I don’t like THAT.

And I had been this, you know, concerned about, oh how should we deal with the Olympics because they are not being nice to the Dalai Lama, who is a good friend of mine.

And all these earthquake and stuff happened and I thought: IS THAT KARMA? When you are not nice that bad things happen to you.

And then I got a letter, from the Tibetan Foundations that they want to go and be helpful. And that made me cry. And they ask me if I would write a quote about that and I said, “I would.” And it was a big lesson to me, that some times you have to learn to put your head down and be of service even to people who are not nice to you. And that’s a big lesson for me...

Sharon Stone China Earthquake Karma speech scandal
Sharon Stone was condemned on Chinese media. [Chinese in the picture above means: Shameless female foreigner claims (Sichuan Wenchuan) Earthquake is the karma of Chinese people]

Whoa! A 'good' friend of Dalai Lama, Sharon Stone is now in hot waters. She is not only denounced by Chinese netizens who've petitioned a boycott campaign against her, but also blamed by British online users, for her heartless or cold-blooded speech. Source: Shanghaiist & The New Voice

Ashley Harkleroad Playboy Photos Can't Boost Her Career

Ashley Harkleroad is to make a history. It's not that she will win her first grand slam title any soon, e.g. she has just been hammered by fellow American Serena Williams on the French Open in the first round.
American tennis player Ashley_Harkleroad photo
Ashley Harkleroad is to be the first tennis player who will have posed for Playboy. (Picture source: Rightpundits)
However, the incompetence in tennis skills doesn't hinder her to pose for the man's Playboy magazine.
American tennis beauty Ashley Harkleroad is baring all in a sexy photo shoot for Playboy magazine.
Georgia-born Ashley, who now lives in California, reached a career high 39th in 2003.
The 23-year-old spent several days shooting the photos in Los Angeles before flying to Europe, according to a source who spoke with the player.
The photos will appear in a sports-themed issue of the men’s magazine which will go on sale later this summer. Ashley is believed to be the first tennis player the magazine has ever featured.
Update: Ashley Harkleroad Playboy Photos on the 2008, August issue of Playboy have been spread online. Source: Great Tennis Photos

Kalitta Air Boeing 747 Cargo Plane Split In Two (Picture)

Kalitta Air Boeing 747 cargo plane split-in-two picture
Kalitta Air Boeing 747 Cargo Plane Broke In Two (Photo credit: Reuters)

A Boeing 747 cargo plane belonging to Michigan-based Kalitta Air crashed at the end of a runway and split in two while trying to take off Sunday at the Brussels Zaventem Airport. Mercifully the plane did not catch fire, although firefighters coated the wings with a special fire-retardant foam as a precaution, as its fuel tanks were still filled with highly flammable jet fuel. No causalities were caused, but four of the five crew members on board the aircraft were slightly injured and were hospitalized, according to the authorities at the Brussels Airport. The reasons to cause the four-engine Boeing 747 bound to Bahrain to crash and break in two are under investigation. Source:

Rumored Miley Cyrus Stripping Underwear Pictures for Nick Jonas Leaked

We, at RC, seriously appeal those parents whose 3-to-12-year-old daughters are Hannah Montana fans to re-consider if let their children take Miley Cyrus as a role model. Why? A new batch of Miley Cyrus's two racy photos which was supposedly for her ex boyfriend the Jonas Brothers' Nick Jonas surfaced again on the internet.

Miley Cyrus underwear photo scandal
Miley Cyrus lifted up her shirt to expose her abdomen and had the end of the t-shirt placed playfully in her mouth.

Miley Cyrus red underpanties picture scandal
Miley Cyrus showed her green bra before, now exposed her red underpanties.