Deborah Lin James Gandolfini Married

Deborah Lin James Gandolfini attended Vanity Fair Party on the 7th Annual Tribeca Film Festival  at State Supreme Courthouse,on April 22, 2008.
Deborah Lin accompanied fiance James Gandolfini to attend Vanity Fair Party on the 7th Annual Tribeca Film Festival at State Supreme Courthouse in New York City on April 22, 2008. Deborah, 40, and James, 46, tied the knot in Hawaii on Saturday August 30, 2008. (Image credit: Janet Mayer/R Photos)

Deborah Lin, a former model of Asian origin, has married to her fiance James Gandolfini, the Sopranos's actor. Deborah Lin-James Gandolfini wedding was held August 30 at the bride's hometown Honolulu, Hawaii.

James Gandolfini
7th Annual Tribeca Film Festival - Vanity Fair Party
State Supreme Courthouse, NYC 22/04/08
Deborah Lin accompanied fiance James Gandolfini to attend Vanity Fair Party on the 7th Annual Tribeca Film Festival at State Supreme Courthouse in New York City on April 22, 2008. Deborah, 40, and James, 46, tied the knot in Hawaii on Saturday August 30, 2008. (Image credit: Janet Mayer/R Photos)

It was reported the couple who got engaged in January exchanged their vows in an intimate ceremony surrounded by white lilies and rhododendrons adorning every pew held at Central Union Church of Honolulu. Gandolfini's 8-year-old son Michael from his first marriage with Marcy Wudarsk served as the best man.

James Gandolfini Lora Somoza photo
James Gandolfini once dated actress Lora Somoza. The pair (Image credit: PR Photos)

"There was a nice big kiss at the end with both hands on the cheeks...They looked great.", a guest who witnessed James Gandolfini and Deborah Lin becoming the husband and wife was quoted as saying. Source:

Picture: Kate Moss Pure Gold Sculpture

kate moss pure gold stature photo
Kate Moss Gold Statue
Super-model (sometimes a drug addict) Kate Moss got immortalized! London-based sculptor Marc Quinn sculpted a solid pure sculpture of his fellow Brit for Great British Museum. Kate Moss pure gold sculpture (picture left) weighs 50 kilograms and is believed to be the largest gold statue built since the time of ancient Egypt. Artist Quinn first said he chose Moss because she was the closest model to human perfection he could find, but later he reversed the tone, saying "Even Kate Moss doesn't live up to the image [of the gold sculpture]." The 2.8-million-dollar gold sculpture will be displayed since Oct. 4, 2008 to Jan. 25, 2009  in the Museum's Nereid Gallery on an exhibition entitled Statuephilia.  Source: TheSun, Sohu & FemaleFirst

Bristol Palin Pregnancy Rumor: Bristol Palin Is Mom Sarah Palin Son's Mom?

photo of Bristol Palin, mom Sarah Palin and family members
Bristol Palin (right), mom Sarah Palin, dad Todd , brother Track, sisters Willow and Piper Palin. (Photo via

tariq palin sarah palin picture
Bristol Palin, son Tariq and husband

Bristol Palin is the mother of mom Sarah Palin's son Tariq Palin? Oh Jesus! Just one day after she was picked as Republic presidential candidate John McCain's VP running-mate, Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin is hit by a fake pregnancy scandal. The American blogosphere is speculating that Bristol Palin might have given birth earlier this year to mom's son Tariq Palin who was born with Down's Syndrome. Sarah Palin is accused of hiding her teenager daughter Bristol Palin's pregnancy. Now this is just a rumor, we are waiting for the report of mainstream media. Should the speculation that a 17-year-old Bristol Palin had indeed been pregnant and mom Sarah hided her family feuds had been true, John McCain's Vice President pick would have been a possible failure. Tags: ,,

Attention! AdSense Ads Below Blog Post Title Violates TOS, Unless You Put Advertisement or Sponsored Links Indicator

Google adsense logo

Most bloggers, including myself, are quite enjoying the revenue originating from the Adsense ads put just below the title of every blog post, because that area is most visible to a visitor thus attracts the clicks.

Maybe now one has to pay attention to this matter, the webmasters at revealed that they had received an email from Google Adsense support team and were informed to do a little bit modification.

Back in this March, Meridith Major of AdSense Publisher Support clarified on Inside Adsense, saying "ads shouldn't be placed under titles such as “Dallas Business Opportunities” or “Today's Hot Deals”. Placing ads directly below titles such as these implies to your users that the links in the ads are publisher-created content." Apparently, these guidelines are not clear enough.

Google's email to made a further clarification. It said the title can still mislead visitors to click thus clearly required them to label the Google ads with text other than 'sponsored links’ or ‘advertisements’.

Needless to say, putting such word(s) may lead to less clicks. But to fully comply with Google Adsense's Terms of Services, Quikonlinetips add an word of advertisements right above their ads.

In the reality, a lot of blogs with huge traffics, such as some of my favorite sites--Neatorama, Popcrunch, all apply a Google ads unit right below their blog posts without indicating it is an advertisement. I'm just curious why Google Adsense Team not to make a statement on their official blog, rather email to the individual webmaster?

Ashley Ellerin, Ashton Kutcher's Murdered Girlfriend

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Picture
Photo: Ashton Kutcher and wife Demi Moore attended the 7th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball the 7th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball at Private Brentwood Residence in Brentwood on May 31, 2008. (Image credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos) 

Ashley Ellerin, the former girlfriend of actor Ashton Kutcher (picture above), was murdered in February 2001. The then 22-year-old fashion student-model was found dead in her Hollywood Hills home one day after Ashton Kutcher  attended a post-Grammy Awards party. Ever since, the murderer is still at large. Now the justice may finally soon be brought to Ashley Ellerin and her family. Thanks to the police's DNA evidence, Michael Gargiulo, 32, an air-con repairman in Santa Monica, has been linked to the murdering. R.I.P, Ellerin!

Picture: Kiron, a Two-headed Boy Born in Bangladesh

two-headed bangelandeshi boy Kiron
Two-headed boy Kiron Image via

Kiron, a two-headed boy, was born on August 25 in the Muslims-dominated South Asia's Bangladesh. The newly-born kid, weighing 5.5 kilograms, was given the birth via the Caesarean-section by his 22-year-old mother in the small town Keshobpur, about 140 kilometers away from the country's capital Dhakah.

According to gynaecologist Mohamad Abdul Bari, Kiron developed from one embryo but due to a developmental anomaly he got two heads. Other than that, the little totter has one stomach, one genital organ, four limbs and can eat normally with his two mouths.

This is not the first time RC featured a two-headed baby. Two years ago, we had a post on Indonesia baby girl Syafitri (picture) who was also born with an extra head. To our concern, since then, we did not hear anything about her. @Source:

Update: Two-headed baby Kiron passed away after he was taken home because his parents could not pay the expensive fees for the medical care  in the hospital.

Marcia Cross Used Men Bathroom!

Desperate Housewives actress Marcia Cross photo

Marcia Cross and husband Tom Mahoney went out for some shopping around the Cross Creek market area in Malibu on Sunday August 24. Apparently, during the romantic hand-in-hand walk on the street, the 46-year-old Desperate Housewives actress was called by the nature. When seeing the women's bathroom of a nearby public room occupied, Marcia Cross couldn't but desperately use the men's. The whole process was photographed paparrazi, click here for the photos

Desperate Housewives actress Marcia Cross photoDesperate Housewives actress Marcia Cross photo
Marcia Cross Pictures. The Desperate Housewives actress was spotted using the men's bathroom in Malibu on August 24, 2008.

Andre Young Jr. Dead: Dr. Dre's Son Andre Young Jr Died

Andre Young Jr, Dr Dre son picture
Andre Young Jr (Image via Bossip)

Andre Young Jr., (pictured left) son of rapper Dr. Dre [wikipedia], has passed away, according to the reports. He was only 20 years old. Andre Young Jr. was found dead on August 23 when his mother went to call him up at their Woodland Hills home in California Saturday morning.

"Dr. Dre is mourning the loss of his son Andre Young Jr. Please respect his family's grief and privacy at this time." said the statement of Dr. Dre's rep.

Andre Young Jr's body was found in his bed at around 10:30 am. The death cause was remained unknown as the results of a toxicology test from the biopsy are pending, but a foul play was ruled out.

Dr. Dre has four other children, son Marcel with singer Michel'le, son Truth and daughter Truly with Nicole Threatt (NBA player Sedale Threatt's ex-wife), and rapper Hood Surgeon with Cassandra Joy Greene. It's not known the name of Andre Young Jr's mother.

Update (January 3, 2009): After 4 months Andre Young Jr's death cause was finally revealed. He died from overdose morphine and heroin, the Los Angeles County Department of Coroner confirmed.

 "This case has been closed, it's been ruled an accident due to morphine and heroin intoxication," coroner spokesman Larry Dietz told People.

Shawn Johnson David Letterman Show (Photo & Video)

Shawn Johnson
Celebs visit David Letterman Show
Ed Sullivan Theatre, NYC  25/08/08
Shawn Johnson arrived at The Show with David Letterman at Ed Sullivan Theatre, New York City, August 25, 2008. (Image credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos)

Shawn Johnson, 2008 Beijing Olympics Women's Balance Beam gold medalist, delayed arriving her home yet at West Des Moines, Iowa. The 16-year-old gymnast stop Monday night by at the Late Show with David Letterman of CBS and talked about her experience in Beijing.

Shawn Johnson The Show with David Letterman Video

Brooke Mueller Pregnant with Charlie Sheen's Fourth Child

Brooke Mueller, who wed to the comedy TV actor Charlie Sheen in May, is pregnant! This will be the first child for Mueller, while the fourth for Sheen. Brooke Mueller is the stepmother of Sheen's three daughters Cassandra Jade Estevez (mom Paula Profit), 25, Samantha, 4, and 3-year-old Lola (mom Denise Richards).
Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller Picture
Brooke Mueller and husband Charlie Sheen Jason Bateman and wife Amanda Anka attended the 7th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball at Private Brentwood Residence in Brentwood on May 31, 2008. (Image credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos)
"Brooke and I are thrilled! She's the best stepmom Sam, Lola and Cassandra could ever hope for, seeing her love and affection with those three, I know she'll be an amazing mom, unless I bat 100 percent, perhaps a boy awaits us." Charlie Sheen told to the New York Daily News.

Update: Thanks for two of RC readers pointing out the picture above is not Mueller and Sheen, but Jason Bateman of Arrested Development and his wife Amanda Anka. Photo of Brooke Mueller and husband Charlie Sheen attending the same event with Jason now is posted below. My apology!

Photo of brooker mueller and charlie Sheen
Brooke Mueller and husband Charlie Sheen attended the 7th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball at Private Brentwood Residence in Brentwood on May 31, 2008, one day after they got married in California. (Image credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos)

Charles Simonyi to Marry Lisa Persdotter on November 22

Charles Simonyi, the man once behind constructing Microsoft Office's Word and Excel software, is to marry his girlfriend Lisa Persdotter on November 22 in Sweden, reported Puget Sound Business Journal.

Charles Simonyi, 59, and Lisa Persdotter, 24, reportedly got engaged in St. Tropez, France on 08/08/08, the same day as 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony.

 Charles Simonyi Martha Stewart picture
Martha Stewart (R) and her "boyfriend" Charles Simonyi. (Photo credit: Dfarber/Flickr

Charles Simonyi's marriage to Lisa Persdotter must get one person very heartbroken. She is Martha Stewart [wikipedia],the business magnate and television host, who often called Simonyi as her boyfriend. In April, 2007, Stewart accompanied Simonyi to the Baikonur cosmodrome where the former Microsoft engineer with a wealth more than US$20 million was blasted off to ISS for a 13-day space traveling.

"...the Simonyi-Persdotter upcoming nuptials would do well to choose “Fly Me to the Moon” as the wedding song. Meanwhile Martha Stewart could be singing the blues."  commented Puget Sound Business Journal

Terrible Beauty

Though I dislike the New York Times' travel section, this article isn't that bad, if only for the phrase "terrible beauty," and the gorgeous imagery.

Michael Phelps Sports Illustrated Picture: Michael Phelps and His Eight Gold Medals in Beijing Olympics

michael phelps with eight beijing olympics swimming gold medals

Michael Phelps, the only person/athlete so far on the planet, won a record-setting eight gold medals at a single Olympics. The 23-year-old swimmer displayed his booties awarded at 2008 Beijing Olympics and posed for a photocall on the night of August 17 in Beijing. Source: 

Update: This picture is used as the cover photo of Sports Illustrated magazine's The Alltime Olympian Micheel Phelps issue.

Henry Cejudo Olympics Wrestling Gold Medal

Henry Cejudo, American's 55kg-category wrestler, won a gold medal in the men's freestyle wrestling of his grade at the China Agricultural University Gymnasium in Beijing August 19. He beat Japan's Tomohiro Matsunaga to win the final.

Henry Cejudo wrestling photo
Henry Cejudo [L] at wrestling, picture embedded via Photobucket's code

"I'm living the American dream right now, man. The United States is the land of opportunity. It's the best country in the world and I'm just glad to represent it,"  a victorious Cejudo, who was born in California and the son of undocumented Mexican immigrants, said after the game.

Shawn Johnson Gold: Shawn Johnson Won Balance Beam Gold Medal at Beijing Olympics

Picture of Shawn Johnson competing the Balance Beam at Beijing Olympics

Taking advantage of top gold medal favorite China's Li Shanshan's drop from the balance beam, Shawn Johnson performed a perfect routine and won a gold medal in the Women's Individual Balance Beam competition event on August 19. The 16-year-old teem gymnast scored 16.225 points, 0.2 more than the uneven bar gold medalist Nastia Liukiu, to take the gold. Cheng Fei, of China, won the bronze with a score of 15.950. #Source:

Picture of Shawn Johnson competing the Balance Beam at Beijing OlympicsPicture of Shawn Johnson competing the Balance Beam at Beijing Olympics
Shawn Johnson at 2008 Beijing Olympics' Balance Beam competition, pictures embedded via Photobucket codes 1, 2, 3

Christina Applegate Free of Breast Cancer

Christina Applegate, the Samantha Who? star who was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this month, is now becoming cancer free as a result of treatment (say double mastectomy).

picture of Christina Applegate attending over her body los angeles premerie
Picture: Christina Applegate attended "Over Her Dead Body" Los Angeles Premiere at ArcLight Cinerama Dome, Hollywood this January. (Image credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos)

"I'm clear. Absolutely 100 percent clear and clean. It did not spread. They got everything out, so I'm definitely not going to die from breast cancer." the 36-year-old actress told Robin Roberts of ABC News' Good Morning America in an interview aired on Tuesday, August 19. Source:

Heidi Montag "Overdosin" Song

heidi montag the hills reality tv star beach louge bikini photo
Heidi Montag Youtube video screenshot picture

On the eve of the première of The Hills Season 4, the MTV's reality TV co-star Heidi Montag dropped Ryan Seacrest's radio show in Los Angeles on the morning of August 18. Other than she kidded with Seacreast she is "going to be for Vice President," Heidi Montag debuted the new single "Overdosin,'" a song she claims is about "when you fall in love with someone....and just overdosing off of their love." Click the play button of Youtube video below to listen the audio (via). Here to listen Ryan Seacrest's interview on the 22-year-old blonde.

U2's New Album Songs Leaked on Youtube

Bono, daughter Memphis Eve and wife Ali Hewson vacationing on the French Riviera
Bono, and daughter Memphis Eve (M) picture (Embed code from Photobucket)

Songs for U2's new album in four years, supposedly to be named No Line On The Horizon, were leaked to the online video portal, Dailymail reported. How did this happened? It was because of the carelessness of Bono who played the songs too loudly while vacationing with daughter Memphis Eve and wife Ali Hewson in the Southern France. Excerpts below from the article:

Tracks from rock band U2’s new album have appeared on the internet illegally after singer Bono allegedly played them too loudly at his holiday villa on the French Riviera.

[....]a Dutch fan says he heard music blaring out of the beachside home in the village of Eze-sur-Mere, near Nice, and recorded it on his mobile phone.

He then boasted about his achievement on U2 fan site before putting the tunes on YouTube.


The quality is said to be poor - the noise of waves crashing on the beach and seagull cries can be heard in the background, but the new development in the world of pop music piracy is said to have concerned U2 greatly.

Sure Bono's unusual encounter will be a big lesson for those record artists.

Scarlet Johansen Is Kanye West's Favorite White Girl!!!!!!!

Scarlet Johansen:Kanye West's Favorite White Girl
Scarlet Johansen Picture(Embed code from Photobucket)

Who is Kanye West's favorite girl? Scarlet Johansen!!!!!!! The musical mogul announced the choice on his blog at on August 17, 2008, without citing any reasons. Oh, hope Ryan Reynolds will not be envious!

Stephanie Brown Trafton Discus Throw Gold Medal

Stephanie Brown Trafton Discus Throw Gold Medal at Beijing Olympics
Stephanie Brown Trafton at Beijing Olympics

Discus thrower Stephanie Brown Trafton won a gold medal in the women's throw competition at the 2008 Beijing Olympics August 19 night in Beijing. Her result was 64.74 meters, edging 1.14 meters against the silver medalist, Cuba's Yarelys Barrios. Stephanie Brown Trafton, 28, is from Galt, California. She graduated from the Arroyo Grande High School and California Polytechnic State University. Trafton's gold medal is the first athletics gold for US during this year's Games. Source & Image: AP

He Kexin Olympics Uneven Bars Gold Medal

he kexin Arstic Gymnastics gold medal

He Kexin, the Chinese female gymnast whose true age is a controversial topic in Beijing Olympics, won a gold medal in the Uneven Bars for China August 19. Both He and USA's Nastia Liukin scored a 16.725, with even the Score A (a measure of difficulty) of both gymnasts being an identical 7.7. But because He Kexin made fewer mistakes than Liukin, the referees finally awarded the gold to He. Source: Image:

Avril Lavigne Concert on August 29 "Too Sexy" For Some Malaysians

Avril Lavigne In Chicago The Best Damn Tour 2008

Avril Lavigne's concert in Kuala Lumpur on August 29, 2008 is deemed "too sexy" for some Malaysians. Kamarulzaman Mohamed, of the powerful Young Wing of Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, had asked the Malaysian government to cancel the planned concert to be staged at Stadium Merdeka, saying Avril Lavigne concert would promote the wrong values ahead of Malaysia's August 31 independence day.

"It is considered too sexy for us. It's not good for viewers in Malaysia. We don't want our people, our teenagers, influenced by their performance. We want clean artists, artists that are good role models." Kamarulzaman Mohamed was quoted as saying by AP.

Mohamed's claim was slammed by Freddie Fernandez, president of Malaysian Artistes’ Association.

This is the most ridiculous thing to do – to ask for a cancellation of such a decent performer like Avril Lavigne." he said.

Avril's music is very popular here. PAS Youth should never deprive Malaysians of the chance to watch the concert.”

Their narrow-mindedness will definitely not get the support of the rakyat. They are always looking at the world through blinkers. They cannot see any other point of view except theirs.” Fernandez added. Sources: AP & theStar Image credit: PR Photos

Dita Von Teese Wonderbra Lingerie Collection

Picture of Dita Von Teese attNew York Academy of Art Celebrates 25 Years with 'Take Home A Nude' Art Auction and Party on April 16, 2008 
Dita Von Teese attended New York Academy of Art Celebrates 25 Years with 'Take Home A Nude' Art Auction and Party at Phillips de Pury and Company in New York City on April 16, 2008. (Image credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos)

Burlesque queen Dita Von Teese wonderbra lingerie collection ad picture
Queen of Burlesque Dita Von Teese modeled her own Wonderbra lingerie collection. (via

Inspired by the glamour of the 1940s and 50s, Dita Von Teese, the burlesque queen who revived burlesque performance using the striptease skills for the modern audience, is to unveil her own Wonderbra lingerie collection.

"Lingerie shouldn't be something you just put on for your lover; you should do it for you. It's not about seducing men, it's about embracing womanhood." Dita Von Teese spoke of her limited edition lingerie.

The speciality of Dita Von Teese Wonderbra underwear is the bra-bottom combo which features a quick-release magnetic clip that makes daring stripteases a cinch. So for those ladies who love playing naughty stripteases, the Dita Von Teese Wonderbra lingerie line which will be launched on September 23rd is a must buy. Source: Telegraph

Picture: Michael Phelps "Wardrobe Malfunction"

michael phelps ‘wardrobe malfunction’ picture

Michael Phelps wardrobe malfunction? Ummm...:-) The undeniable greatest swimmer in the history Michael Phelps spilled beans on his wardrobe malfunction suffered during the Beijing Olympics. You guys, don't take it for granted! Michael Phelps's wardrobe malfunction did not mean he slipped his Speedo swimsuit and exposed the private parts but the eight gold medalist at one Olympics suffered goggles malfunction during the men's individual 200M Butterfly event in the Games.

"In the 200 m butterfly, water flooded into Michael Phelps’ goggles. Phelps referred to this as a “wardrobe malfunction”. Phelps said that he just did not strap us goggles on properly. Phelps was grateful for the 2sec comfort zone he had on the world going into the race, to make up for this mistake. Phelps swam the last two laps of the 200 butterfly blind because his goggles had filled with water." described.

Anyway, the "wardrobe malfunction" Michael Phelps himself referred to as did not block his trophies in Beijing. For those searching Michael Phelps wardrobe malfunction pictures, the image (via sohu) above showing Michael Phelps put the swimsuit extreme low to a point where his two tatoos (Olympics rings and a capital M [for Michigan]) on lower abs were exposed may entertain you more or less.

Portia de Rossi Ellen DeGeneres Wedding Pictures

 Ellen DeGeneres Portia de Rossi wedding photos

Ellen DeGeneres and lesbian lover of 4 years Portia de Rossi legally married in Los Angeles on August 16 night. Here are two pics of Portia de Rossi Ellen DeGeneres's wedding spotted in the Chinese portal

Ellen DeGeneres Portia de Rossi wedding pictures

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Photo: Michael Phelps in Mermaid Costume

picture of michael Phelps in mermaid costume

In the swimming pool of Water Cube in Beijing, an invincible Michael Phelps wearing Speedo's "shark skin" swimsuit won the unprecedented eight gold medals in a single Olympics, the record which possibly will not be broken for the decades. But sure, in such a mermaid costume shown in the above picture, it was sensed Michael Phelps could not compete in any swimming event. Nevertheless, it is not a very bad idea for a commercial. Source:

Katherine Heigl Congratuated on Ellen DeGeneres Wedding

Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi married in an intimate ceremony at the couple's Los Angeles home yesterday August 16. The newly-weds were blessed by actress Katherine Heigl, of Grey's Anatomy.

Katherine Heigl Hot in hollywood picture
Katherine Heigl Wishes Ellen DeGeneres "All The Best"

"One of my favorite people of all time is Ms. Ellen DeGeneres. So I wish all the best, all the happiness, all the joy that comes with that certificate ... just the joy of being able to stand up and say that. In front of everyone you love and care about in front of each other and to walk away legal is huge." She  told the AP when attending the charity event 3rd Annual Hot in Hollywood on August 17. Source: Showbiz Spy Image credit: PR Photos

Katherine Heigl is A Hot in Hollywood Lady (Photos)

Katherine Heigl attended the 3rd Annual Hot In Hollywood at the Avalon on Saturday in Hollywood, California August 17. Casting her blonde hair to one side and exposing parts of both of her balls by wearing a very low-cut dress, the Grey’s Anatomy actress Katherine Heigl looked really hot!

Katherine Heigl Hot in hollywood photo

About Hot In Hollywood (via JustJared), it is a celebration benefiting charities dedicated to the education, prevention, testing and treatment of HIV/AIDS. Proceeds from Hot In Hollywood benefit AHF’s (AIDS Healthcare Foundation) HIV Mobile Prevention and Testing Unit, a customized recreational vehicle that travels throughout Los Angeles County to reach underserved populations with HIV/AIDS education, testing, counseling, and treatment referral services.

vern troyer hot in hollywood picture

Among others who lent their support to the event were including America Ferrera, Vern Troyer, Ana Ortiz, Emily Deschanel & TR Knight etc.  (Images credit: PR Photos)

Photo: Kim Kardashian, An Honorary Pussycat Dolls

Kim Kardashian Pussycat Dolls Performance butt Photo

Kim Kardashian appeared as a guest performer on the burlesque band Pussy Dolls's concert staged from Las Vegas’ Pure Nightclub on August 15th. The lady from an erotic video with the former boyfriend was more than happier to show her bustier bottom. Huh!? Do you think she will lose weight for her butt? We bet not. Because it's her assets after all.  Source & Image:

Matt Emmons Explained His Bizarre Last Shot of Olympics 50m Rifle 3-Positions

Matthew Emmons 50m Rifle 3-Positions shoot video screenshot 
Matthew Emmons at 2008 Beijing Olympics's 50m Rifle 3-Positions shoot final

Matthew Emmons spoiled an opportunity of winning a gold medal at the last shooting event of this Olympics--50m Rifle 3-Positions. Now he explained how he mis-fired the last shot:

"The way I come into a target is I start above the target and come down from 12 o'clock and get into the bullseye.".

"And as I get down into the bullseye is when I start to get on the trigger (with my finger) and as I was starting to get on the trigger, the gun just went off."

"I guess I just set it off. I got on the trigger a little too hard. I didn't feel my trigger shaking but I guess it was. It just hit the trigger, the gun went off and I was like 'uh, that's not going to be good - I hope it hit the black'.

It hit the black, but a little high, he said.

"If the shot had made it all the way down to the bullseye, it'd have been pretty decent."

Source: Guardian

Ellen DeGeneres Portia de Rossi Wedding: Portia de Rossi Ellen DeGeneres Married August 16 in Los Angeles

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi got married on August 16, 2008, reported

Photo of Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi the couple married in Los Angeles on August 16, 2008
Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi attended the 35th Annual Daytime EMMY Awards at Kodak Theater, Hollywood on July 20, 2008. Ellen and Portia legally married as a couple in Los Angeles on August 16, 2008.

Talk show queen Ellen DeGeneres and partner Portia de Rossi exchanged wedding vows and walked down the aisle in the couple's Los Angeles.

"Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi were married tonight [August 16] in an intimate ceremony at their home in Los Angeles," Ellen's rep told the mag.

Morton's Restaurant
Ellen DeGeneres, mom Betty DeGeneres and partner Portia de Rossi at 2007 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

People said Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's wedding was held in an intimate ceremony only the 19 family members and friends, including DeGeneres's mom Betty DeGeneres and de Rossi's mother Margaret Rogers, attended.

Ellen DeGeneres 50, and Portia de Rossie, 35, have been dating since December 2004. But not until California's Supreme Court ruled the same-sex/gay marriage is legal in the state on May 14, DeGeneres announced the following day on her talk show she planed to marry with de Rossi, an Australian-born celebrity working in Hollywood.

Photo of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi who shows off a 3 carat pink diamond ring
Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi attended the 35th Annual Daytime EMMY Awards at Kodak Theater, Hollywood on July 20, 2008. A beaming De Rossi proudly shows off her diamond engagement right Ellen gave to her for the paparazzi.

In July Ellen DeGeneres presented Portia de Rossi a Neil Lane-designed, marquise-cut pink diamond ring for their upcoming nuptials. On the 20th of the month, Portia de Rossi proudly showed off the 3-carat diamond ring for the photogs when the pair arrived at the rep carpet of the 35th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

Sources: People & E!online Images credit: PR Photos

Update/ A little more details about Portia de Rossi Ellen DeGeneres Wedding:
Portia wore a backless, light pink dress and Ellen sported an all white ensemble of pants, button-up shirt and vest.

A witness tells Us Weekly, before the ceremony, "Ellen and Portia came out and posed for pictures with Ellen's mom and their two dogs. They were hugging and kissing, and looked ecstatic. Ellen was helping Portia with the train of her dress, which looked like a Cinderella tutu."

The snitch went on to say E and P "were both laughing," walked "all over the lawn together holding hands and posing."

Oh, cheers for a pair of legal wives!