Lightbolt "Striking" Penang B-Suite Hotel

B-Suite Hotel in Malaysia's Penang Island is a quite new hotel which opened for the business only since 2 or 3 years ago. Because of its strategical position (2mins of driving to Penang Bus Station and <10mins to the international airport) together with its low price, B-Suite Hotel attracts a lot of tourists and those who are on the business trip.

On one day in 2008 July, when I went to eat at a nearby food court (now demolished for the properties development), I ran across a high school classmate who I didn't meet up for 12 years the second day he stayed in the hotel. He was then on a business trip from China.

Everyday I can see the B-Suite hotel across the window of the house I currently rented but never took a picture for it. Several days ago, after a dinner with some friends who was going back to China, I brought my digital camera Nikon D90 to test the standard Nikkor AF 50mm/F1.8D lens. The night was rainy, an accidental opportunity made me picture a photograph of B-Suite Hotel as if it was struck by a lightbolt during a long (8') exposure. This was the first time ever I caputred a lightning in a shot. So surprised! Now I share it here.

The picture below was the original version which was directly converted from RAW to JPEG. And the top one was cropped, retouched and then converted a JPG using Nikon's Capture NX 2 software. Any kind comment are welcomed!

Lightbolt "Hit" Penang B-Suite Hotel

Larger version: Picture 1, Picture 2. All Images released under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0 License.

gone but never forgotten

is 2009 going to claim another life after taking this gorgeous boy's life? i can't wait for 2009 to all be over and finished with.


he rocks my socks! would be awesome to meet him.

R.I.P. jimmy sullivan

the best drummer from avenged sevenfold has passed away. james owen sullivan - 10th february 1981-29th december 2009. i hate 2009.

Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner Split Up

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift get ready to film track and field scenes for Garry Marshall's upcoming romantic comedy Valentine's Day

Taylor Swift, the 20-year-old country singer, has ended her rumored 3-months romantic relationship with Taylor Lautner, the 17-year-old New Moon star, US Weekly reported.

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner met on the set of their movie Valentine's Day. They first sparked rumors of a romance after Swift hugged Lautner at one of her October concert.

A friend close to Swift claimed that the two Taylors have decided to stay friends. "It wasn't really developing into anything, and wasn't going to, so they decided they were better as friends," the source said.

"He [Taylor Lautner]  liked her [Taylor Swift] more than she liked him. He went everywhere he could to see her, but she didn't travel much to see him." the source revealed.

In 2008, Taylor Swift claimed that ex Joe Jonas dumped her during a 27-second phone call.

Brooklyn Boxing

[I wrote this a while ago, never posted it, figured I should, for L Magazine pride and all.]

Photo courtesy of HBO.

November 10th, 2009

Last Sunday brought us the season finale of HBO’s Bored to Death, a very New-York-City-centric show penned by Jonathan Ames, where Ames-the-character, as played by Jason Schwartzman, is a writer who solves crimes on the side. Jason Schwartzman and Zach Galifianakis walk around Fort Greene Park! They trek to Brighton Beach! They run around DUMBO taking in the views of the Brooklyn Bridge! They take the F train (my train)!

The finale revolved around a boxing match challenged between New York Edition (which bears a striking resemblance to New York Magazine…) editor George Christopher (played by Ted Danson) and GQ editor Richard Antrem (played by Oliver Platt) after George pens a vicious slandering editor’s note about Antrem.

Writers? Boxing? Really? The idea’s a bit outrageous ad a bit too physical for writers, but somehow it seemed right, familiar even. Seeing Schwartzman and Danson don their boxing gloves, it hit me: This has happened before.

According to writer-Jonathan Ames’ blog about the show, he was indeed inspired by The L Magazine/NY Press showdown:

“[…]a few years ago, New York Press and The L Magazine, here in New York, had a boxing match to take out their animus for each other's publication in the ring. I wasn't part of that, but it set a precedent in my mind for two magazines fighting, and thus I felt it wasn't beyond the pale for Edition NY and GQ to go at it.”

The New York Press had beef with L Magazine back during L’s foundling days in 2003, stemming from the same orange color of their respective magazine bins on street corners. Soon it evolved into a back-and-forth lashing, Jeff Koyen of the NY Press called L “dreadful,” Scott Stedman of L (who’s still there today) challenged him to a soccer match. Koyen declined, but then agreed to the boxing match, which Stedman announced with an ad in the magazine.

The L Magazine/NY Press showdown took place at Gleason’s Gym, which is where writer-Ames boxed in real life and TV-Ames and George trained.

As for the fight, Mediabistro reported that it was a draw.

Vernacular: It's Always Sunny at Emerson College

[This is really late, but I'm posting it anyway. Next year, I'll be more on top of things...Anyway, from Emerson's Grad Blog, Vernacular, November 9th, 2009]

I’m a devout fan of all things It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (it’s only because of the show that I want to go to Philly, having never actually visited). So, imagine my elation at a recent episode, in which Mac (played by show creator Rob McElhenney) enters wearing that familiar purple-and-yellow Emerson football shirt (you know, “undefeated since 1880,” haw haw).

Did he go to Emerson? Because that would be a damn cool alum to have mad connections with, and that would mean he’d have to visit, no?

Unfortunately, that dream didn’t come true. My hopes were dashed with a quick Google search. According to the message board at Television Without Pity, someone found out that “last spring in our ‘Writing for TV’ class, we had a conference call with [McElhenney]. As a thank you our class sent him a t-shirt that reads ‘Emerson College Football - Undefeated Since 1880.’”

(Emerson has never had a football team, what irony!)

There’s good news, though. On the season’s hi-larious third season finale, Rob reprised his choice of garment, sporting very same t-shirt. Much to my dismay, he did not cut the sleeves off. To give credit, there’s also a brief write-up about the shirt on Emerson’s VMA page.

And unfortunately, the blog I mentioned earlier with the Emerson-McElhenney connection post isn’t up anymore. But in the meantime, there is a cool write-up about one Emerson student interning on the show. Now there’s an idea…

Victoria Beckham’s Christmas Gift to Husband David Beckham: A Bulldog

David Beckham And Wife Victoria Posh Beckham at James Bond Adidas Originals Launch Party held at the Adidas Store on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles, CA

Victoria Beckham's Christmas gift for husband David Beckham was a bulldog, Sun reported. The animal, from a London breeder, cost Posh 2000 pounds. She presented the pet dog him when the couple celebrated Christmas at Beckingham Palace. Speculating why Posh selected this special present? She belives "it is a symbol of Becks's spirit on the football field." Do fit! Hope Beckham can lead England to win a trophy in South Africa's 2010 World Cup.

holla holla holla

hi guys. it feels like i haven't blogged here for ages so i apologise for that. it is still christmas. and the best holiday. yay.
i feel like december this year has gone by so quick. why is that? 3 more days of 2009 and then it will all go away for good. 2009 you sucked.

we're never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy.

i seriously scoured myspace for cinema bizarre photos. i did so much scouring it was unbelievable. i'm collecting new photos for some videos i make for youtube. i'm quite ocd about collecting cinema bizarre photos. i have an obsessive compulsive disorder. yeah.
it might sound silly but true.
i don't know where i'd be without cinema bizarre. those boys are awesome. in my mind, they've blown me away and that is why i'm on youtube because i make videos of them.
i am so grateful for cinema bizarre.

as i am carrying on with the whole cinema bizarre topic, there is one particular member i've completely fallen in love with and i blogged about him back in august - strify.
what a beautiful boy he is. if you have seen him you'll realise just how beautiful he is. i'm making a video of for youtube on january 1st. i'm sure i can find a song to fit him cos i can do that cos i'm awesome. oh yes. i am.
while i was busy scouring myspace, i found some extremely beautiful photos of strify so i saved them to my wonderful laptop so i now have some new photos. i'm happy. i blog them on my tumblr. i'm following a cinema bizarre photo blog which is awesome and i love it.
fuck yeah cin biz has really impressed me. i'll repost all my links for everything i do online.

bring on december 31st!

christian quote #2

"the soul hardly ever realizes it, but whether he is a believer or not, his loneliness is really a homesickness for god." 27th december, 2009.

U meet me halfway..

no description

u know why

Return to where we were..

Td kul 2 pm waktu mlesia
aq da smpi UTHM (gemilang akan dijulang)
saing azza.

daftar bilik same.
sem 1 duk blik A-313.
sem ni dpt (pilih) bilik aras bawah.
nombor kapten cesc di situ.

xya sakit otot naik tangge lg.
xya tkut jtuh tingkap.
xya lari laju2 klu lmbt pg class.

da kmas brg.
da mop blik.
da sakit 1 badan (mcm org tuwe).

da da u la la.
ceri ceri boom boom.

ok tata.

Back to chapter 1..

regret (n)

A feeling often accompanied by sadness, shame, and guilt; regret is when you wish you had done things differently in your past.

"I have many regrets in life, but you were not one of them."

"Man.. I really regret deleting all my posts :( now I have to write all over.."

usaha tangge kejayaan.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve Celebration Pretty Dancers in Red Dress Dancing

Hello everyone, a very Merry Christmas!

Here are several photos showing singers and dancers performing on a make-shift stage for the celebration of Christmas Eve Party last night at Gurney Palace, Penang, Malaysia.

Christmas Eve Party Female Singer Performing
Christmas Eve Party Male Singer Performing
Dancers in golden costume performing at Christmas Eve Party Celebration
Larger versions: Picture 1, 2, 3, 4. All images are photographed using a Nikon D90 + Standard Nikon AF 50mm/F1.8 D Lens by the author (Fisherwy) of this blog.

to all my fellow bloggers

i want to wish you all a happy christmas! hope 2010 treats you better than 2009.
too many bad things have happened to me, stupid things that don't really need to be talked about. i can't wait for 2009 to go away. it's pointless.

i'm writing a christmas day blog and you're reading it. i didn't ask you to and i don't owe you anything, but thanks for everything anyway.

a sloppy lady!

i've been listening to cinema bizarre, which for me, is so overwhelming. escape to the stars makes me cry every times. i watch interviews with them on youtube and i can't get over how wonderful they all are. it really is so emotional for me and it's so lovely, it really is and no one can replace them.

i made a new video of cinema bizarre and posted it on youtube. had decided to use ten miles as the song but i had major hassle converting the stupid file so i gave up. i made a really sexy video and youtube will never see it, haha!

some people on the internet freak me the fuck out. oh my. i post cinema bizarre videos on youtube and then people write nasty hate comments, i think that's quite rude.
from now on, i'm just gonna reject comments from people that scare me. i'm not disappearing from youtube for anything. i will carry on making cinema bizarre videos for youtube and use whatever songs i want to use. i love my videos so much.

started listening to evanescence after so many months. i started neglecting evanescence so oopsie. amy lee has an amazing voice, she's talented and she's beautiful as well. the style that she has is fabulous. i love her.

i have got another cinema bizarre video to do today. i'm using i must be dreaming. it's my last video until after christmas. my 18th upload on youtube! i'm so proud of that. i didn't think i could do it. there's nothing i love more than doing youtube.

farrah fawcett

she was so iconic. didn't know much about her so i went on wikipedia and looked her up. amazing. an original charlie's angel - wow. funny at what wikipedia finds out.

R.I.P. brittany murphy

my little head can't take this. at the weekend i found out brittany murphy had died and last night i watched an episode of family guy that i'd barely been paying attention to. i always watch double bills. more entertaining.

i wonder what brittany murphy looked like in her youth. teen idol?

Zizie Ezette: Bung Moktar Radin Wife No. 2

Malaysia Actress Zizie Ezette Photo
Zizie Ezette credit:

Zizie Ezette, 31, is a Malaysian actress. Zizie Ezette has recently married to Bung Moktar Radin, a lawmaker from Malaysia's Sabah State, being his second wife after Nor Asidah Alimuddin. Bung Moktar, a 50-year-old father of four children aged from 2 to 17 yrs, is a Muslim. It's legal for him to marry with Ezette, also a Muslim, in Malaysia where Islam is the state religion.

Bung Moktar Radin, a Malaysia's political bad mouth (watch video)

When the rumor said they were married last week, Bung Mokta, a controversial assemblyman for his racist remarks in the Malaysian parliarment, initially denied but had since acknowleged his new marriage. For Zizie Ezette, she was still somewhat not comfortable to make a confirm, saying the men she had dated before were all bachelors.

Zizie Ezette Bung Moktar Picture
Zizie Ezette Bung Moktar "Yes, We're...Married" Picture by NST

“Please understand that I am in a difficult situation. I have to take care of the feelings of many parties. InsyaAllah, I promise I will elaborate more on the matter when the time is right." She told to the Star newspaper.

Below are three more pictures of Zizie Ezette a bit cozy with a Jay-z lookalike man
Zizie Ezette with her male friend Pictures@

Carrie Underwood Mike Fisher Engaged (Photo)

Carrie Underwood at the American Idol Experience premiere. Hollywood Studios, Florida on 12 February 2009. Photo credit: Jyle Dupuis, Wikipedia Commons
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0

American Idol winner turned country music singer Carrie Underwood was engaged to her boyfriend, hockey team Ottawa Senators star Mike Fisher, it was reported today. Carrie Underwood's engagement was confirmed by Mike Fisher himself  on a press conference for tonight's match against the Boston Bruins .

When being pressed for the blogsphere's rumor that they were hitched, Fisher said he had asked Underwood to marry him on Sunday, December 20. He declined to reveal any more details.

"It's true. We're both obviously excited and very happy," he said.

Underwood's rep Jessie Schmidt also confirmed the engagement, but saying no wedding date was set.


sticks & stones

if i was the kind of person to be hurt by anonymous people on the internet, don't you think i would have quit a long time ago? sticks & stones my darlings.

(oh. and this isn't aimed at anyone. i just think it's funny when nice people try to apologise for negative comments. it's alright guys - thick skin.)

christian quote #1

"life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards." december 20 2009.

i found my religion again! i am a christian and i'm not afraid to admit it. there are times when i feel that god's not there and all that kind of stuff, but i know he exists. i believe jesus died on the cross for our sins. i do believe in god. everyone needs to. i think that point needs to be made much more clearer.

i uploaded 'go deep' and 'yokan' to youtube. 'that's the way love goes' fucked up on youtube so i uploaded it to vimeo, which works fine. amazing. christmas in a few days. will be so nice to see everyone.


it's the nicest feeling to be at home. it's cold and there's been some snowfall. i have been editing all evening. eek. christmas will be fun :]

Nicole Kidman Powder Makeup Malfunction; Jon & Kate Gosselin Officially Divorced; etc

'Nine' New York Premiere

Nicole Kidman was spotted with white powder all over her nose and under her right eye at the premiere of Nine held at NYC’s Ziegfeld theater on Tuesday, December.

Jon and Kate Gosselin officially ended their 10-year marriage on December 18, 2009.

Beyonce Knowles is about to unveil her first perfume, Beyonce Heat, in this coming February.

Beyonce's mother Tina Knowles has reportedly filed for divorce from her husband of 29 years, Mathew.

Stephanie Pratt, the 23-year-old Hills star and the little sister of Spencer Pratt, smokes in the January issue of Maxim magazine

Kanye West is reportedly planning on tying the knot with girlfriend Amber Rose next year in the Caribbean.

Rihanna “Hard” Music Video

Rihanna's Hard music video has come out! The newly released song is the third track from her Rated R album. Check out the clip from MTV below which featured Young Jeezy, who raps on the track.

Picture of Lim Guan Eng, Malaysia's Penang State Chief Minister, for Creative Commons

Malaysia's Penang State Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng (picture below, L3) was invited to inaugurate the celebration of 2009 Japanese Bon Odori Festival on July 18 in George Town, Pulau Pinang.

Hideaki Hoshi (L2), Consul-General of Japan in Penang received Lim who is Secretary-General of the opposition party DAP. Accompanying him were Lim's secretary Ng Wei Aik (L1), Penang State Excos Lim Hock Seng (R1) and Danny Law Heng Kiang (not photographed in the picture). The image (see original size) is now released under CC-BY-SA 3.0 License for free re-use as long as one gives appropriate credit to this site. It was taken on HTC Touch Pro smart phone with Windows Mobile 6.0 as its OS.

savage garden

does anyone remember these guys from australia? i certainly do and i still listen to them. i downloaded i want you. a great song. yeah. you might not be able to explain my relationship with music at the moment because i have strayed away from modern music. i don't listen to it anymore.

youtube is amazing. it's going really well. hope to have my account for a long time. hope so. i love it. i love being a youtuber. i always wanted to do something i'd get to make videos for. i've met my match.

my favourite youtuber? beckie0. who else? she inspired me to put my shh video (my cinema bizarre shh video haha) together. so i just want to say thank you to beckie.

glued to my computer at the moment. i love my computer so much. we spend every day together, like it doesn't want me to leave it alone. i'm sure i hear it screaming at me sometimes.
my point being.
i hate leaving my computer. i'm very protective of it. i am a devoted dell owner. yes. all the stuff i use for youtube is on there.

as well as myself on youtube, i found out yu from cinema bizarre has joined youtube as well! i am so pleased he has. i totally subscribed to his channel. i don't have many photos of him so i can't make a video for him. oh bum.
do i have a lot of love for yu? of course. absolutely adore him. i always will. i call him the german miyavi because he reminds me of the japanese genius. i actually have a picture of miyavi with cinema bizarre on my tumblr.
going christmas shopping with my dad later. yeah fun much - not.

Miley Cyrus Little Sister Dirty Dance: Miley Cyrus Urges 9-year-old Sister Noah Cyrus to Perform 'Smack That' Dance

 Miley Cyrus spends Memorial Day driving around town, with her little Sister Noah and Grandmother Ruth Ann Cyrus, looking for a nail salon open on the holiday

Miley Cyrus caused another controversy by encouraging her 9-year-old sister Noah Cyrus to perform Akon’s racy single “Smack That” in front of many adults back stage at one of Miley's concerts.

In a video clip released online recently, Miley was seen urging her little sister Noah to show off her dirty moves, including shimmying and patting boots while singing the lyrics, "Smack that, all on the floor/Smack that, give me some more/Smack that, till you get sore/Smack that, oh ooh.”

The 17-year-old Hannah Montana star herself has danced on a pole during her performance of “Party in the U.S.A" at 2009 Teen Choice Awards this August.

Check out the clip of Noah Cyrus performing “Smack That” below.

zen garden

i love this. makes everything bad go away. i want my own zen garden. the photo looks so calming.

Hatyai Hansa Superclub Ladyboys Cabarets Photos for Creative Commons

Earlier this year, I had a wonderful trip to Hatyai, Songkhla province in souther Thailand. Being to Thailand, aside from feeling for its Buddhist atmosphere and Tomyam cruises, I had a getaway to Hatyai Hansa Cafe Super Club for watching the Thai Cabaret show. Of course, I was totally entertained by those gorgeous ladyboys' performance, though they just mechanically performed along with the melodies. From the beginning to end, I unstoppingly pressed the shutter button of my entry-level DSLR Nikon D40 which was equipped with Nikkor AF-S 55-200mm/f4-5.6 G IF-ED DX VR long focal length lens. Now I'd like to share those stunning (and some were joker-ish) ladyboys picture with all you guys. Feel free to re-use, because they are released under CC-BY-SA 3.0 License, as long as you give due credits to this entry. Enjoy!

Creative Commons License

(Hatyai Hansa Superclub Ladyboys pictures for Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 license)

Muhyiddin Yassin, Koh Tsu Koon Pictures Released For Creative Commons Share Alike 3.0 License

Random Citations release a few pictures of some of prominent Malaysia politicians, namely Muhyiddin Yassin, Koh Tsu Koon, and opposition politician current Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 license. Please feel from to re-use, as long as you give proper attribution to this blog.

Malaysia Vice Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin then as Agriculture Minister in 2004
Koh Tsu Koon Muhyiddin Yassin
Koh Tsu Koon Drinking Mineral Water
Koh Tsu Koon
Muhyiddin Yassin& Koh Tsu Koon

Photos here are Muhyiddin Yassin, then Agriculture Minister, and Koh Tsu Koon, a cabinet minister then as Chief Minister of State Penang, were invited to initiate the opening ceremony of 7th Asia Fisheries Forum back in December, 2004.

Rihanna Covers GQ Magazine January 2010 (Photo)

Rihanna GQ Magazine January 2010 cover photo

Rihanna covers the January 2010 issue of GQ magazine.

The 21-year-old Rated R singer talks about the Chris Brown incident, the Herpes rumours, the new album and her tattoos in the new interview with GQ.

When asked about if she and Chris will ever be friends, the Barbadian beauty answered, “Mmm. Maybe in like ten years, you know? But it's not something that I'm depending on. I'm not depending on his friendship.”

When speaking of the Herpes rumours, Rihanna explained, “It’s not true…It's more ignorant. At first I was like, Are you serious? First I thought people were gonna definitely know that that's not…But when I read it, and I see that people just buy into that…Like, the minute they see it, it forms something in their head…."

Check out the full interview and more pictures of Rihanna at

flower power

i love a nice bunch of flowers. who doesn't?
flowers have fascinated me so much. i adore really big, fat, beautiful bunches of flowers. love it!

Shooting Photographs in RAW Format

CC-BY-SA 3.0
Dull, the picture was directly converted from RAW to JPEG without retouches, the exact one if it were directly taken in JPEG on my camera.

If you are (or are aspiring to be) a photography enthusiast who owns (or is planning to buy) either a digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera or a high-end consumer digital compact one and has yet to set it to take pictures in the RAW format, you are strongly advised to do so rather simply choose JPEG as your primary format!

Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0
Nikon Capture NX 2 magic! The picture is netter when converted from RAW to JPEG with only after a few manupilation in NX 2.

Look at the two pictures above, the top one is directly convert from a RAW format without retouches which would be the exact same one if my Nikon D90 camera was set to photograph in a JPEG. It is so dull as there is much dark portion and a distracting orange dot. After a few retouches on the RAW image by using a trial version of Nikon's awards-winning Capture NX 2 software, a much more appealing version is immediately obtained. RAW pictures can retain as many details as a DSLR can as long as they are not overexposured, compared to JPEG pictures snapped under the same condition

There are already many books and magazine articles on the market addressing the advantages of RAW files, here don't repeat again. Go to have one, they are totally worth of a reading.


not sure what's going on in this photo but i like it.

it's the time of season

made a new video last night. i am so very happy! mememolly has finally posted a new entry on her blog. i'm not judging her at all because i absolutely adore her.

11 more days and i go to starbucks with my mum. god, i want to go right now! a big, fat, chocolate and cream frapp is screaming my name. yeah baby! getting excited. not blogging on wordpress for a while.

posted my tom kaulitz video on vimeo and it's great. feels like i've got so many videos planned. there's so many things to figure out, but i feel happy about it and everything feels nice. i'm really happy about things.

it's finally december? get out of here! christmas will be fun. getting excited about seeing everyone. 'tis the season to be jolly - blah de dah.

progress! la la la! my video for 'stranger in moscow' is doing really well on youtube! i love everybody i've met through youtube. i'm hoping next summer's youtube gathering will be in london. you get to go and meet other youtubers and i am a youtuber myself.

who knows? hmm.

moon safari

what a gem!