Holly Madison Criss Angel Breakup

Hugh Hefner ex girlfriend Girl Next Door star Holly Madison pic
Holly Madison Photos (Wikipedia/Luke Ford)

Girl Next Door star Holly Madison and magician Criss Angel have split but remained as friends. Holly Madison and Criss Angel began dating last October after the 29-year-old blonde buxom called it off from Playboy pariah Hugh Hefner.

Having a relationship with Angel who is busy with committing himself to 5 shows a week in Las Vegas means Madison have to stay at the Sin City also.

Apparently, this hinders Madison to develop her own career, so she decided to end the relationship.

"It was a conflict of schedules. She felt she couldn't devote 100 percent of her time in Vegas and his career at the expense of her career and her goals." An insider told to E! News while saying the split is mutual.

Freida Pinto Vogue India March 2009 Issue Cover Picture

Freida Pinto Vogue India March 2009 cover photo

Freida Pinto Vogue India March 2009 cover photo

Freida Pinto, the star of Oscars-scooping film Slumdog Millionaire, became one of the newest Hollywood’s favorites overnight. The 24-year-old Indian beauty covers the fashion magazine Vogue India March 2009 issue. It is only a matter of time now for Freida Pinto to grace the cover of Vogue magazine Us edition.

Yvette Prieto Michael Jordan Bought Villa in Miami

Yvette-Prieto-Michael-Jordan-pic Michael Jordan,girlfriend Yvette Prieto Pic via Nachofoto.com
Yvette Prieto and boyfriend Michael Jordan bought a house last October in Miami, Palm Beach Post is reporting! Yvette Prieto, a 30-year-old Cuban model, is the girlfriend of the basketball Great Michael Jordan, 46, since 2008. Prieto and Jordan paid $281,000 for for the two-story villa with three bedrooms in Kendall, suburban Miami. The couple took out a 30-year, $196,000 mortgage on the 5,500 square foot house. Link: PDF file of Yvette Prieto and Michael Jordan's house property-appraisal records; Link: Google Earth Map where Yvette Prieto and Michael Jordan house is located.

David Beckham Chinese Viagra Advertisement Video

David Beckham Fake Viagra style Drug Adverts in China picture

David Beckham is being illegally used in a Chinese advertisement to promote an anti-impotence drug called USA Selikon.

In the 30-second Chinese voices dubbed clip, David Beckham was featured with wife Victoria in a car. The football star says: “Want to know how I can keep being strong and running on the football field? USA Selikon capsules help me a lot. It's also the secret weapon with which I can satisfy Victoria.

Other than Beckham, actors Sean Connery and Keanu Reeves were also being illicitly used in the same advert.

Sean Connery, the actor who is in fact 78 years old and has been married to wife Micheline for 32 years, appears to say: "I turned 70 this year. But with the help of USA Selikon capsules, I was praised by Barbara that I'm still THE James Bond, forever 25. I have told all my aged friends 'You should try USA Selikon capsules.

And movie star Keanu Reeves says: "The feelings after my kidneys got washed by USA Selikon capsules are surprising. And my girlfriends were also surprised."

Errrr..., the unauthorized ad is a bit funny but apparently infringes the individual right to portrait of those stars involved seriously.

Audrina Patridge's Home Burglarized, Surveillance Camera Video Posted Online

Audrina Patridge shoulder photo

Hills hottie Audrina Patridge's home was burglarized over the past weekend, a lot of replaceable items as well as a few very sentimental things were stolen. According to the surveillance camera video posted online by Audrina Patridge, a female and her male accomplice committed the burglaries. As the intruders’s faces were clearly captured on the footage, we’re sure Audrina Patridge home robbers will be soon nabbed.

Audrina-Patridge home woman Robber pic
Audrina Patridge home robbery woman thief pic

Jayla Cooper, 9-year-old Bride from Texas (Pictures & Video)

Jayla Cooper 9-year-old bride
Meet Jayla Cooper, the 9-year-old bride from Southlake, Texas. Jayla Cooper  “wed” groom Jose Griggs, 7, last Sunday. Jayla Cooper Jose Griggs “wedding” is not the children marriage, but a ritual that fulfills the wedding dreams of Jayla who has battered leukemia for two years and only weeks to live due to the terminal illness. The symbolic wedding was a celebration of life and friendship, noted WFAA-TV.
Jayla Cooper 9-year-old bride pic
Jayla Cooper, the 9-year-old "Bride"
Link: Jayla Cooper Jose Griggs “wedding” video news report.

Ben Stiller as Joaquin Phoenix

Ben Stiller as Joaquin Phoenix Ben Stiller poked fun at Joaquin Phoenix at the 81th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday February 22. As a co-presenter of Natalie Portman for presenting Best Cinematography award for Slumdog Millionaire, the funny guy mimicked actor Joaquin Phoenix on stage not only wearing the buffy beard and sunglasses but also mocking the latter's recent awkward appearance the Late Show With David Letterman.

Check out a "non-responsive" Ben Stiller as Joaquin Phoenix video below.

Ben Stiller Academy Awards: Ben Stiller as Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix David Letterman show video screenprint
Joaquin Phoenix's Bizarre David Letterman Show Appearance

Beyonce Knowles Oscars 2009 Performing with Hugh Jackman (Video)

Beyonce Knowles performs with Hugh Jackman at OSCARS 2009 picture

Beyonce Knowles Oscars Awards 2009 Performing picture

Beyonce Knowles made a medley performance with host Hugh Jackman at the 81st Academy Awards 2009 on February 22.

Beyonce Knowles performs with Hugh Jackman in Oscars 2009 video

High School Musical stars Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron and Mamma Mia!'s Amanda Seyfried & Dominic Cooper joined them to perform Last Chance and Mamma Mia! at the end of the show.

Not too bad!

Nicole Richie Pregnant Again With Joel Madden’s Second Child

Nicole Richie pregnant again with Joel Madden's second child picture

Nicole Richie & Joel Madden with first daughter Harlow picture

Nicole Richie is pregnant again! Her rocker boyfriend Joel Madden announced the happy news on the Good Charlotte’s official site on February 21. He believed Nicole Richie's pregnancy is "better than winning an Oscar"

"What's better than winning an Oscar? I am so happy to tell everyone that Harlow is going to be a big sister! God has truly blessed my family. Hope your all feeling as good as i am right now.........”

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden’s first daughter Harlow Winter Kate Madden was born in LA on January 11, 2008.

Five Stars at At Their Worst (Photos)

Perez Hilton posted a gallery of 75 photos showing more than 60 stars at their worst. Here are the top five stars rated as the worst at the time of this entry published:

Steve Carell
Steve Carell 4.47/5

Brooke Shields at worst
Brooke Shields 4.38/5

Lily Allen at worst
Lily Allen 4.24/5

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson 4.22/5

Hayden Panettierre
Hayden Panettierre 4.02/5

Empire State, Night & Day

New York Post Chimp Cartoon by Sean Delonas

New York Post Chimp Cartoon racists accused

New York Post cartoonist Sean Delonas drew a cartoon showing two white cops shooting a champanzee to parodize the police’s shooting of Travis The Chimp in Connecticut and mock Washington's efforts to revive the economy. The chimp cartoon unexpectedly stirred the controversy, being accused of “at worst racist”.

At best insensitive to the victim of this week's mauling of a woman by a pet chimp, and at worst racist, the New York Post released a cartoon today [February 18] that could be interpreted as comparing Barack Obama to a chimpanzee.

As the Huffington Post says:

At its most benign, the cartoon suggests that the stimulus bill was so bad, monkeys may as well have written it. Others believe it compares the president to a rabid chimp. Either way, the incorporation of violence and (on a darker level) race into politics is bound to be controversial. Perhaps that's what (cartoonist Sean) Delonas wanted.

“They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill.” New York Post and Sean Delonas are stormed by the chimp “racist” cartoon.

Misheard Lyrics #1: Stir Into My Teeth

I started listening to Joanna Newsom after two friends highly recommended her, specifically The Milk-Eyed Mender. In the song "Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie," I thought I heard her sing:

Your skin is something that I stir into my teeth

Which I think sounds amazingly beautiful and interesting. Alas, I was wrong and the correct lyric is:

Your skin is something that I stir into my tea

Which is nice, but I still prefer my version.

M.I.A. Son Photo: First Public Picture

M.I.A. Son Photo First Public Picture

M.I.A. Son first public picture via

M.I.A. baby son was born on February 11, 2009 in Los Angles. Now the first public photo of the newborn boy has been showed off by Afrikan Boy, a friend of M.I.A.’s, who has appeared on several remixes with the Paper Planes singer. The 19-year-old rapper writes on his My Space:

I just woke up when i recieved this baby picture from Maya of her newborn son. He is Handsoommmeee!! I Need to teach him how to make PoundedYam and get Straight A's in School like Me!!! Love from Maya Ben and I Y H K D! Welcome to the world!

Wow! What a cute dark-haired baby boy!

Paris Hilton Rap With Snoop Dogg on "Dogg After Dark" (Video)

Paris Hilton Rap With Snoop Dogg on Dogg After Dark picture

Paris Hilton raps with Snoop Dogg on the Dogg After Dark show which debuts Tuesday, February 17, 9pm on MTV.

Paris Hilton & Snoop Dogg “Dogg After Dark” video

The 28-year-old freestyles "Yo, what's up, my name is P Hizzle, I'm chillin' in the clizzle with my homeboy Snoop Dizzle……" on the debut episode (video above).

What do you think of the heiress’ rapping skills?

Elizabeth Wong Keat Ping Boyfriend (Photo)

Elizabeth Wong Keat Ping Boyfriend Photo
Elizabeth Wong ex-Boyfriend: Helmi Malik

Picture! Here is a photo of Elizabeth Wong Keat Ping former boyfriend, Mr. H! This Malay guy was alleged of having photographed and leaked Elizabeth Wong scandal photos. Mr. H, an UK-educated Malay intellect and PKR member, had an on-and-off relationship of three years with Wong, at one point, they even discussed a wedding. But it was said Mr. H had the domestic violence tendency. He once battered Elizabeth Wong and got her injured twice, which foresaw their breakup. In September, 2008, Wong finally parted away from Mr. H who later warned the former via a PKR senior that he had her nude photos and videos and wanted her to know how to keep the image as a public representative. After his personal investigation, the PKR senior found what Mr. H warned was not just a desperate claim and advised Elizabeth Wong to carefully handle her relationship with her ex-boyfriend.

Elizabeth Wong Keat Ping Boyfriend Helmi Malik, Helmi MalekUpdate: Mr. H’s identify was revealed. His name is called Helmi Malik. Elizabeth Wong once thanked him for his help after she was elected as a MEP in March 2008. She then wrote, "My special thanks to the following folks:- My family......my boyfriend Hilmi who has been incredibly patient and supportive;"

Helmi reportedly has fled to Indonesia. According to the report on the Chinese media in Malaysia, Helmi Malik photographed Elizabeth Wong without her permission in order to prevent the latter from breaking up with him.

Miley Cyrus “The Climb” Official Music Video

Video! Watch Miley Cyrus The Climb official music video from MySpace for free. The Climb is Miley's new single which is featured in the upcoming Hannah Montana: The Movie Soundtrack which is hit stores on March 24! The Hannah Montana: The Movie film will be on screens in the U.S. and the U.K. this April.

Solange Knowles Suffered Wardrobe Malfunction at the Toni Maticevski fashion show 2009(Photo)

Solange Knowles Wardrobe Malfunction photo at the Toni Maticevski fashion show 2009

Solange Knowles wardrobe malfunction photo via hiphoprx.com

Solange Knowles, the younger sister of Beyoncé, suffered a wardrobe malfunction at the Toni Maticevski fashion show 2009 on Monday February 16. The singer wore a black see-through dress and had a very revealing unfortunately.

After her see-through incident, the 22-year-old blogs on her Twitter in all lowercase words:

"i always wear undies, never been carried out of the club drunk, i wont even pose for king or any "eye candy" type shoots and now look:(

my s---on display for all the world to see....sings amy winehouse's " what kind of f-------ckery is this" :(((((((((((((((

why does everyone always wanna say ‘it could've been worse’ when this type of thing happens? arrrrrghh... i hate that! it sucks either way!

im wearing turtlenecks for the rest of the year gosh dammit.”

So Knowles, please be more careful next time! :-)

Hayden Panettiere & Milo Ventimiglia Split Over “lifestyle conflicts”

Pre-Emmy Party Pictures, Images and Photos
Hayden Panettiere & Milo Ventimiglia picture via photobucket

Hayden Panettiere, 19, and Milo Ventimiglia, 31, have broken up last week due to “lifestyle conflicts”.

An insider close to the couple tells Us magazine that Ventimiglia "has been concentrating on work on his production company [Divide Pictures]" while Panettiere "likes to go out in the Hollywood scene and that's not his style."

Hayden Panettiere was reportedly seen kissing the 21-year-old singer/actor Jessie McCartney earlier this month.

So, the two Heroes co-stars separated just because of lifestyle conflicts? :-)

Scarlett Johansson to Replace Emily Blunt in Iron Man 2; Kate Moss Denies Pregnant Rumour; etc

Scarjo Pictures, Images and Photos
Scarlett Johansson picture via photobucket

Scarlett Johansson will reportedly replace Emily Blunt from the role of Black Widow in the cast of Iron Man 2!

Salma Hayek, the 42-year-0ld Mexican-born actress, has married the 46-year-old French Billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault in Paris on Valentine's Day.

Kate Moss New York magazine cover photoKate Moss covers New York magazine February 23, 2009.The 35-year-old supermodel talks about her new career as designer for Topshop and denies the recent pregnant rumour in the magazine’s interview.

Chris Brown released a five-sentence statement on Sunday to apologize for the alleged attack on girlfriend Rihanna. In which he also said he was seeking counseling, and many media and blog reports about the incident have been wrong.

Elizabeth Wong Keat Ping Photos Scandal Rocks Malaysia

Malaysian Selangor State Assemblywoman Elizabeth Wong Photo
Elizabeth Wong Keat Ping Photos Scandal--Elizabeth Wong Keat Ping, or simply Elizabeth Wong, a female politician in Malaysia, was hit by a nude photos scandal which were believed by many as a smeared campaign against this promising street-activist-turned state assemblywoman from Malaysia's most prosperous Selangor. The compromising pictures showing Elizabeth Wong in partial nudity and one even exposing her private parts were supposed to be photographed by a former boyfriend (Helmi Malik) without consent when she was sleeping.
The salacious side of Malaysian politics has once again been exposed after the circulation of nude pictures said to be that of Selangor state executive councillor and PKR politician Elizabeth Wong.
The photographs are believed to have been taken by a former boyfriend without her consent.
Copies of the photographs were sent to a number of newspapers last week, in what appears to be an orchestrated attempt to smear her image.
Selangor assemblywoman Elizabeth Wong Nude Photos Scandal
Elizabeth Wong: Nude photos scandal victim (Kwongwah.com.my)
Elizabeth Wong, 37, Executive Councillor for Tourism, Environment and Consumer Affairs in Selangor state, had lodged a police report. She issued a statement, claiming she was a victim of a malicious attack on her personality. Excerpts:
I was informed on Friday, Feb 13, 2009 by journalists from the Malay Mail that they have in their possession intimate photos of myself and that the newspaper will be publishing a story about these photographs.
I was told that some people are trying to distribute photos/videos showing me asleep in partial nudity and also in intimate positions.
The distribution and publication of these photos/video is a malicious attack on my personality. This constitutes a gross outrage on my modesty, a gross invasion of my privacy, and in particular the sanctity of my personal life. It is being done by unscrupulous persons to embarrass and discredit me?
I am a victim in this incident.I have yesterday lodged a police report in relation to this matter and I will fully cooperate with the police in their investigation. I will therefore not speculate publicly about those responsible for this gross invasion of my privacy.
Malaysia Selangor State Assemblywoman Elizabeth Wong Flickr Photo
Malaysia Selangor State Assemblywoman Elizabeth Wong (Flickr.com)
In the statement, Elizabeth Wong said she is receiving a lot of support from her supporters, friends, colleagues and members of my constituency. In fact this is ture, almost all the comments left on the Elizabeth Wong nude photos scandal reports on various news outlets and blogs in Malaysia are flooding the sympathical and encouraging words for her.
Though Elizabeth Wong was called to relinquish all her posts by Khir Toyo, a controversial politician whose false accusation led to Teresa Kok, another top assemblywoman in Selangor detained by the police under Malaysia's infamous Internal Security Act, she refused to do so and said she would continue to serving the people of Selangor faithfully.
Elizabeth Wong Khalid Ibrahim Chinese New Year Celebration
Khalid Ibrahim (pictured above), Selangor's Chief Minister, said he was confident that Elizabeth Wong, still would be a capable exco, apparently giving her the support.
“For the past 11 months she has carried out her duties diligently and I have full confidence that she will continue to perform her duties and responsibilities. Wong has a right to privacy in her personal life and should be respected by all. Her Exco colleagues and I will give her support during these trying times.”
Except Khir Toyo, some other politicians in the his alliance Barisan Nasional (BN) offered their sympathies for Elizabeth Wong:
De facto Parliament Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz appeared to distance BN from any involvement in the circulation of the photos, saying he hoped the Bukit Lanjan assemblyman would “find the strength to endure this and ignore it.”
“This should not happen because she is an elected representative and is doing her job as one. To bring her down through such method is not good,” he said.
Health Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai also condemned the circulation of the photos and video, saying that such “pornography” was not part of Malaysian culture.
Disclaiming any knowledge of whether it was politically motivated, he said that the leaking of the material was “not ethical and is an invasion of privacy.”
“However, if the picture is a revelation of her lifestyle, then it is not right for a leader to adopt such a lifestyle,” he added.
Puteri Umno chief Datuk Noraini Ahmad also said that while she has not seen the video, Wong’s privacy should be respected. “People should not do such a thing,” she said but added that elected representatives in the public sphere should be mindful of their conduct because they were now responsible to their constituents.
Head of Women Wing of Malaysia Chinese Association's, a BN component party, condemned circulation of Elizabeth Wong’s nude pix
MCA Wanita chief Datin Chew Mei Fun took to task the person or persons responsible for circulating nude pictures of her and said the act was an outright invasion of privacy of women as well as an exploitation of women for political use.
“We are outraged by such shameful acts of using women as sexual objects. It is an outright invasion of the privacy of women as well as an exploitation of women for political use,” she said in a statement here in the light Wong’s nude pictures, which are currently being circulated on Internet, allegedly by her spurned lover and some quarters trying to kill her off politically.
Chew said taking photographs of bodily parts without consent or knowledge is against the law and punishable under the Penal Code (Act 574) and publishing such pornographic materials in the public domain also constituted to a violation of the same Act.
“We would like to advise all women to be cautious. We also urge the government to strictly enforce implementation of the Act which provides for punitive measures so that it becomes a real deterrent against such detestable behaviour,” she added.

Update: Elizabeth Wong offered to resign as exco member and State Assemblyman for Bukit Lanjan in the interest of her party. She announced her decision in a press release in Kuala Lumpur Feb. 27, 2009 while breaking down to tears.

tearfull Elizabeth Wong offered to resign over so-called nude photos scandalElizabeth Wong: "I am not ashamed of my sexuality as a woman and as a single person." Picture: TheMalaysiaInsider.com
The events of the past two days have shown an insidious and underhanded attempt by certain quarters to smear my reputation. My personal life and privacy have been violated.

These people have conspired to undermine my credibility both as a Selangor State Exco Member as well as a Keadilan leader. Although the smear campaign directed towards me has caused me a lot of anguish, I am aware that the real objective is to discredit Parti Keadilan Rakyat.

I have done nothing wrong.

I wish to state that I am not ashamed of my sexuality as a woman and as a single person. I have broken no law. I stand by the fundamental principle in a democracy that everyone has a right to privacy.

Parti KeADILan Rakyat stands for ‘new’ politics that holds justice and human rights as core values which transcend gender, ethnicity and class. ‘New’ politics also means we rise above gutter politics.

It is precisely this that I believe that these attacks will continue with greater intensity, and I have no doubt that Umno and Barisan Nasional will continue to manipulate the situation. Accordingly, I have decided to make a stand, in the interest of the party and its struggle for the people.

I have received overwhelming support from my family, my constituents, Pakatan Rakyat colleagues, friends and the general public. However, in the interest of my party, I have decided to offer my resignation as a Selangor State Exco Member as well as the State Assemblywoman for Bukit Lanjan.

I will discuss with the Menteri Besar to arrange for the proper handover of my responsibilities. I will continue to serve the people and fight for justice in Malaysia.

Last but not least, I am very grateful to the people who have placed their trust in me and my party, and I thank them for the opportunity that they have given me to serve. Words cannot possibly express my eternal gratitude to outstanding staff members and fellow ADUNs, and most of all, my Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim who has given me his unwavering support and the opportunity to work with him.

If I have let anyone down or offended anyone, I offer my sincere apologies.

EXCO for Tourism, Consumer Affairs and the Environment

Update: Selangor Chief Minister Khalid Ibrahim confirmed that he had received Wong’s resignation letter and said he would seek guidance the Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah’s views on Wong’s decision to resign. Khalid who praised Wong as an examplary Exco also said he granted Wong a leave and have a deserved rest.

Elizabeth Wong Keat Ping Unveil Anwar Ibrahim bookUpdate: Annwar Ibrahim, Malaysia Parliament Opposition Leader and Parti Keadian Rakayat, said at a press conference that he wanted Elizabeth Wong to reconsider quit decision.

Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today asked embattled Selangor state executive councillor Elizabeth Wong to rethink her decision to quit following the circulation of her naked photographs.

“Elizabeth Wong has spoken at length to Azizah and me. We have discussed the issues and we understand her reasons and the decision she has taken,” said Anwar, referring to his wife Datin Seri Wan Azizah Ismail.

“We have asked Eli to go on leave, we will meet her again to discuss,” Anwar told reporters at a press conference here.

He described Wong as a very important figure in the Selangor government with an excellent track record.

“Eli is a very responsible leader, has been with the party since its inception and I appreciate the widespread support for her to stay. We will invite her again and see what is best,” said Anwar.
Update: "Scandolous" Elizabeth Wong Keat Ping photos found on an adult website, but we won't post the link here. If one believes there is of any problem for the picture below, what I want to assert is the only problem is the person who voyuered and photographed Elizabeth Wong.

Elizabeth Wong sleeping Photo

Holy crap! UNMO-pro Agenda Daily posted pictures showing Elizabeth Wong standing "too intimate" by Khalid Ibrahim.

Agenda Daily Elizabeth Wong Khalid Ibrahim Picture
Agenda Daily Elizabeth Wong Khalid Ibrahim Pic
Stay strong, Elizabeth Wong Keat Ping! Want to show your support to Eli Wong? Feel free to leave comments below!

Miley Cyrus Forgets Lyrics While Performing “Fly On The Wall” Live in Britan (Video)

Miley Cyrus Forgets Fly On The Wall Lyrics video

Miley Cyrus forgot the lyrics of her own song Fly On The Wall when performing live on Britain’s Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway on Feb. 14.

The Hannah Montana star looked embarrassed while putting her tongue out, but she recovered quickly after the Lyrics missing mistake. After the Performance, Miley was seen mouthing to a dancer beside her: "I forgot the words!"

Oh, Miley, never mind, at least you didn’t lipsynch!

Chinese Woman Hong Kong International Airport Hysterics Video!

mainland Chinese woman HKIA crazy video pic

Hooray! Youtube video A woman missed her flight at the boarding gate HKIAA has become an internet hit originating from Hong Kong where previously produced Bus Uncle video saga. On February 4, a woman from China Mainland became extremely hysteric in Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) after missing a Cathay Pacific flight to San Francisco. Someone at the scene filmed her insane behavior onto a mobile phone video. The footage showing the woman sprawling on the ground and shouting "I want to go" in Cantonese attracted hundreds of thousands of clicks in several days after uploaded to the video-sharing portal Youtube.

Katy Perry Benji Madden Dating?

katy perry Pictures, Images and Photos

Katy Perry picture via Photobucket

Katy Perry and Benji Madden spent Valentine's Day together? Famous celebrity blog PerezHilton.com is saying Katy Perry made out at Las Vegas’ Lavo Club where Paris Hilton's ex Benji Madden also appeared Saturday night.

"They were with friends but you could definitely tell they were on a date! There wasn't any public making out but they were very ‘friendly’ with each other.”A well-placed source told Perez Hilton.

Valentine's Day

A tribute to St. Valentine in the North End.

Gwyneth Paltrow lonely Valentine's Day; Armie Hammer Plays Serena's New Boyfriend In Gossip Girl; etc

Armie Hammer plays gossip girl Serena new boyfriend Gabriel Serrano photo Gwyneth Paltrow won't be spending Valentines Day with husband Chris Martin, and “don’t even know where he is”!

Armie Hammer (pictured left, via), 23, who has appeared in Arrested Development, Veronica Mars and Desperate Housewives, will join the cast of Gossip Girl as Serena's new boyfriend Gabriel Serrano.

Chris Brown's biological father Clinton Brown spoke out about the Rihanna beaten-up incident.

Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore and Ginnifer Goodwin, the three co-stars in He’s Just Not That Into You grace the cover of Marie Claire magazine March issue 2009.

Jennifer Aniston Marie Claire March 2009 cover photo

Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore and Ginnifer Goodwin Marie Claire March 2009 Cover Photo

Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Lipstick Sculpture Auction on eBay

Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Lipstick Sculpture Auction on eBay picture
Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Lipstick Sculpture picture via

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who polled as the “most kissable couple” by Feelunique.com, were sculpted in lipsticks for Valentine’s Day.

These micro-sculpted lipsticks were the world's first sculpture in lipstick created by artist Willard Wigan. They are being sold on eBay for breast cancer charity. So far, the top bid is over $450, and the auction ends on 19th February 2009, 12:10 GMT.

Victoria Beckham "Too Busy" To Be American Idol and X-Factor Judge

Style*attitude Pictures, Images and Photos

Victoria Beckham picture via photobucket

Victoria Beckham was "too busy" to be an American Idol or UK's The X-Factor judge. Victoria was once considered as a judge on American Idol and rumored to replace Dannii Minogue on The X Factor, but the Posh Spice was "so busy with her fashion" that she could be for her judge role, according to her manager Simon Fuller.

13-Year-Old Dad Alfie Patten's Sister Also Became A Parent At 13

Yesterday we told you that boy Alfie Patten became a 13-year-old daddy. It was revealed today in the updated Dailymail report that Alfie's older sister Jade, now 19, also had a baby at the age of 13.

Anyway, without money and job, Alfie Patten, a 4-feet tall pupil, still determined to be a good dad. The second youngest known father in UK has already begun changing nappies for daughter Maisie Roxanne who was given the birth by mom Chantelle Stedman on January 9.

What made this kid-become-father story more like a drama is rumours began circulating in Chantelle's neighbourhood that Alfie was not baby Maisie's father. Neighbor Sean Thomas claimed Chantelle Stedman had already had several boyfriends, who were allowed to stay over in her bedroom.

Video: Saudi Arabian Man Majed Al-Maliki Eats 22 Live Scorpions

Saudi Arabian Man Majed Al-Maliki Eats 22 Live Scorpions

Yikes! Saudi Arabian man Majed Al-Maliki ate 22 live scorpions in Riyadh on January 22. He beat the previous record of eating 21 by USA's Dean Sheldon (MP3 interview). Manjed Al-Maliki now is the Guinness World Record holder of a man eating most live scorpions.

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope hiphop band PPT's You Know It's Valentines video can made your day!

John Solecki, Kidnapped American U.N Refugee Officer Threated To Be Killed In 72 Hours

John Solecki, Kidnapped American U.N Threated To Be Killed

ISLAMABAD (AFP) — A kidnapped American UN official abducted in Pakistan 11 days ago was apparently shown in a video aired by Pakistani television on Friday, appealing for his release and saying he was unwell.

The video, broadcast by private channel Dunya and rival station Geo, shows a close up of the face of a blindfolded man, apparently John Solecki, although the person was not identified.

Solecki, who heads the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) in Quetta -- the capital of Pakistan's restive southwestern Baluchistan province -- was abducted at gunpoint on February 2 while travelling to work. His driver was killed.

"This is a message to the United Nations. I am not feeling well, I am sick and in trouble. Please help solve the problems soon so I can gain my release," said the person shown in the video.

It was not clear if he was speaking under threat, nor was it immediately clear when the video was taken.

Dunya announced that the video was shot on a mobile phone and delivered on a memory card to the television station.

Dunya said the Baluch United Liberation Front, which claimed Solecki's abduction in a telephone call to local media, demanded the release of 141 women Baluch detainees apparently in Pakistani custody within 72 hours.

Keep  Mr. John Solecki in my prayers!

Bonnie Lincoln (Pic) Is President Abraham Lincoln's Distant Cousin

Meet Bonnie Lincoln NBA New Jersey Nets team's first year dancer is President Abraham Lincoln's distant cousin.

Bonnie Lincoln's great uncle found out their family tree root and President Lincoln's shared the same one. Their ancestors comes from 17th century England and two brothers named John and Richard Lincoln.

Lincoln Babe Bonnie Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln descendant
Bonnie Lincoln Picture (Melanie Fidler/New Jersey Nets via CNBC)

Bonnie said President Abraham Lincoln was eight generations down from Richard, while she herself is 13 generations down from John. If this is true, the relationship effectively makes Bonnie and Abraham two distant cousins.

President Lincoln's last direct descendant was his great-grandson Robert Todd Lincoln [wiki] who was born in 1904 and died without children in 1985. Source: CNBC