Arnold Klein, Michael Jackson’s Dermatologist, Is Biological Father of Prince Michael I and Paris Michael II, King Of Pop’s Two Oldest Kids

Dermatologist of Michael Jackson Arnold Klein picture

Arnold Klein, the dermatologist of Michael Jackson, is being claimed as the biological father of Prince Michael I and Paris Michael II, the two kids Debbie Rowe had for the King of Pop.

"He is the dad. He and Debbie signed an agreement saying they would never reveal the truth." a Jackson insider told Us Weekly.

Debbie, who met Jackson when she was then a nurse assistant working for Arnold Klein in the 1980s, had reportedly admitted in 2002 that she carried his children as a personal favor. "I said, 'Let me do this. You need to be a dad. You have been so good to me”, she was quoted as saying.

Dermatologist Arnold Klein is of the father of Michael Jackson's kids  picture

Another shocking revelation is that Debbie is not the biological mother of Prince and Paris. She was simply used as the surrogate, and paid to carry the children.

And Prince Michael II (nicknamed Blanket), the youngest son of Jacson, was also not the biological son of the late pop icon, the Hollyscoop reported.

Sarah Jessica Parker Twins Photo: Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge Broderick First Photo Released

Sarah Jessica Parker Twins girls first photo

Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick have released the first photo of their twin daughters, Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge Broderick, who were born via a surrogate on June 22.

The photo, which includes the proud parents, the new born twins, and the big brother James Wilkie Broderick, was taken in their home on Monday in New York.

In this first offcial photo of the twin girls, Sarah Jessica holding Marion, Matthew holding Tabitha, and the 6-year-old James Wilkie stands in between mom and dad, gazing intently at one of his little sisters.

What a happy family!

Demi Lovato Fall Onstage Video: Demi Lovato Falls Down Stairs During Singing You're Mine in Philadelphia

Demi Lovato Falls Down Stairs During Until Youre Mine Concert in Philadelphia picture

Demi Lovato slipped on the stairs and fell down while performing Until You're Mine during her Summer tour 2009 in Philadelphia on June 27. But she handled it really well by laughing it off.

This was not the first time the 16-year-old Disney star stumbled on stage. Last August, Demi Lovato suffered a similar mishap during Burning Up Tour in Chicago.

The L Magazine: Sorry, Thanks

From L Magazine:

After finally taking his untouched bike out of the closet and attempting to ride down one of San Francisco's steepest hills, Max (Wiley Wiggins) gets a cut. As his long-term girlfriend, Sara (Ia Hernandez), cleans his wounds, he says, "It's kinda pretty but gross at the same time." Isn't that what relationships are all about?

Sorry, Thanks — which plays at 9:30 tonight at BAMcinemaFest — isn't about Max and Sara. Rather, it's about Max and his two-night stand, Kira (Kenya Miles). Writer-director Dia Sokol subtly and effectively treats viewers to a view of their fascination.

Kira is practical. Her goal in life is to become a fact-checker. She wants something more solid. During a job interview for a copyediting position, the interviewer asks, "Would you be up for something this regimented?" Kira would. Miles' wide-eyed look, though, seems to contain unplumbed depths.

Max is the awkwardly quirky guy who rambles on. His friends and girlfriend describe him as a sweet asshole; Wiggins speaks with a funny yet weird and uneasy tone. Despite his adulterous dalliances, he and Sara seem to be in love and completely comfortable with each other as they make funny faces and speak in silly voices.

Sokol's storytelling emphasizes how both Kira and Max try to grow into their lives, but are somehow stuck. Kira attempts bathroom sex with new boyfriend Simon (Donovan Baddley). Then she immediately sleeps with Max again. Max gets a cat, which he soon forgets about and loses. One step forward, two steps back.

Cinematographer Mathias Grunsky makes great use of the lines, sloping hills and vibrant murals of the Mission District, while the editing constantly juxtaposes the two lives, scenes complimenting each other perfectly: Max interviews two new staff members, Kira interviews for a position. But ultimately, you remember the tale Sokol tells: it's sad, but her understanding of Max's indecision rings so true to life that you can't help but place yourself in his shoes.

The L Magazine: All Eyes (and Ears) Are on Coraline

Coraline, the movie

This is my second piece for The L Magazine's website:

Coraline Jones makes fun of her new neighbor, Wybie Lovat, “Why be born?” she taunts. He responds: “Ordinary names lead to ordinary expectations.” Coraline, the name that came out of creator Neil Gaiman’s typo, is not ordinary in the slightest bit.

Coraline the novel, written by Neil Gaiman, beget the movie, directed by Henry Selick, which in turn beget the musical, directed by Leigh Silverman and written by David Greenspan. The result is three different yet similar yet wonderfully entrancing versions of Coraline’s story and her adventures in the Other World.

Coraline, our heroine in all three tales, moves with her mother and father into a new apartment in a new neighborhood. Her neighbors are Mister Bobo (Bobinsky in the film), the thickly Russian-accented man training unseen circus rats upstairs, and Miss Forcible and Miss Spink, sisters who are former stage actors now left to reminisce about their starry pasts downstairs. Coraline’s parents are too absorbed in their work to be concerned with her, so she keeps herself amused at exploring the house and area. During her navigations, she finds a locked door that is bricked up. This is the door that leads to the Other World, where she finds her Other Mother and Other Father and Other neighbors. This world is familiar to her – same furniture, same people – but there’s a different aura that Coraline falls in love with, a world where she isn’t ignored and is free to do as she pleases.

What exactly makes someone an Other? Their button eyes, of course. Soon enough, Other Mother and Other Father want Coraline to stay, and all she has to do is replace her ordinary eyes with those glistening black buttons. Creeped out, Coraline understands that not everything is perfect in this Other World, ruled by Other Mother.

Neil Gaiman’s language in Coraline the novel is accessible yet imaginative. Gaiman (who previously brought us The Sandman, among other titles) originally wrote the tale as a scary bedtime story requested by his daughter. The result resembles a much darker Alice in Wonderland. Both Alice and Coraline offer escapes for their female leads into experiences tinged with magical realism, creating the extraordinary out of the ordinary. Alice’s adventures are more out there, though, and aren’t as grounded in an askew version of reality as Coraline’s. In both, though, the readers are free to visualize their own heroine and her world, which turns us into participants in the fiction.

The musical, directed by Leigh Silverman, disregards the film and instead takes its cues from the book, with the added bonuses of music, singing, and dancing. Stephen Merritt – best known as leader of The Magnetic Fields and singer-songwriter behind their epic three-disc ode to love album, 69 Love Songs – understands the world of Coraline perfectly. His piano orchestra, performed by Phyllis Chen, plucks merrily and creepily with the songs and movements of the cast.

David Greenspan, who wrote the Coraline musical, is known for playing with identity and gender roles, and this production is no exception. He himself plays the eccentric, high-pitched growling Other Mother, donning a thick black and silver wig, red apron, and the signature button eyeglasses. The slinky Julian Fleisher plays Cat, the narrator, and, most amusingly, the tiny door that leads to the Other World. As Coraline, middle-aged actress Jayne Houdyshell isn’t what I pictured, but she completely embodies the character, seeming younger and smaller. Casting her in the lead matches the spirit of Coraline: you have to suspend your disbelief and trust what is in front of you. Houdyshell seems a young girl, dressed in green Wellingtons and a pink cardigan vest, and she plays it well. I can’t help but wonder, though, what a younger actress would have done in her place.

Unlike this stage Coraline, Henry Selick’s film version is a departure from the original story, and it might be my favorite of the three. The plot is restructured and there are new characters. There’s Wybie, whose grandmother is the Jones’ landlady. He gives Coraline a doll, which bears a suspicious likeness to her, right down to its yellow coat. This doll becomes the narrative vehicle that leads Coraline to the door. Selick (who previously directed The Nightmare Before Christmas and James and the Giant Peach) has a distinct visual style that’s very apparent in Coraline. Objects in his stop-motion adaptation swirl and pop out – even without the help of 3D glasses.

While occasionally more kid-friendly (it’s rated PG, after all), the film does have its darker moments. Instead of rats, Mister Bobinsky’s circus creatures are kangaroo mice that turn into rats in the Other World. On the other side of the door, the Other Mother transforms into a tall and thin spidery she-creature that towers over Coraline, throwing the girl into her web. The Other Spink and Forcible are awfully risqué, wearing skimpy costumes despite their fat frames.

One moment from the film that I sorely missed in the musical was Coraline’s story about being brave. Before embarking back to the Other World to save her parents, she tells the cat about the day she and her father escaped wasps over the hill. Her father yelled at her to run while he stayed, allowing the wasps to sting him as she got away. That was, as he said, doing what he had to do as her father. When they reached home, he realized he dropped his glasses and had to go back to retrieve them. He was scared, but he went anyway because he needed his glasses. That was, he explained, being brave. Coraline channels that bravery as she goes back to the Other World to save her parents and the ghost children, fully aware of the consequences of doing so. This comes across more in the book and the musical (film Coraline is saved by Wybie rather than by taking matters into her own hands). The movie's Coraline, though, is also endearingly quirky, walking around wearing a driver’s cap and using a forked branch as a guide.

Despite its kid-centric narrative, Coraline is for both children and adults. While Gaiman won the ALA Notable Children’s Book Award for the novella, he recognized the wider appeal of the story. Fairy tales aren’t just for children. Tim Burton is currently directing a remake of Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, and it’s pretty much guaranteed to be a hit.

When I saw the film a couple brought their baby, who promptly started crying when the Other Mother transformed into her true, spidery self. While standing in line to pick up tickets for the musical, the ticket seller asked the mother with her two children in front of us whether she knew about the play. She said she did. There were more kids inside, and they gasped and laughed at the right times during the musical.

One can't help wonder why has Gaiman’s story inspired these adaptations in such quick succession. Coraline offers a new take on the fairy tale in that she (rather than a “he”) is the daring adventurer. She dreams and seeks something more than a boring new life that presents the same old junk all the time. But when she gets exactly what she wanted, she finds out wishes aren’t always as magical as they appear to be, as Other Mother swiftly demonstrates. In the book and the musical, Other Mister Bobo tells Coraline that Other Mother will give her everything she ever wanted. Coraline pauses, and then says, “You can’t have everything you want all the time. Where’s the fun in that?”

It’s impossible to say that any one version can stand on its own, because each one informs the others, just like the books and films in the Harry Potter series: where the movie skips over something, the book fills in, and the viewers/readers are still able to follow the story.

In all three versions of Coraline, when the heroine and the cat have their first conversation, she asks him his name. He answers: “We cats don’t need names, we know who we are; you people, on the other hand, you don’t know who you are.” But it turns out she does know who she is: she’s Coraline Jones, not Other Coraline. And whether on page, screen or stage, her story remains captivating.

Performances of Coraline continue through July 5.

Mariah Carey as “Eminem” in “Obsessed” Music Video (Picture)

Mariah Carey Dressed up Like Eminem For Obsessed Music Video picture photo
Mariah Carey dressed up as Eminem for Obsessed music video (Picture:

Can you recognize the person in the picture above? It’s not rapper Eminem, but pop singer Mariah Carey! The wife of Nick Cannon dressed up as the controversial rapper Eminem while filming her new video, Obsessed, Monday in New York.

Eminem has talked about his alleged romance with Mariah on his song titled Bagpipes From Baghdad with the lyrics “Mariah whatever happened to us. Why did we ever have to break up? Nick Cannon, you better back the f---up. I’m not playing, I want her back…”

Now, Mariah, who previously denied the romantic relationship with Eminem in 2001, has fired back. She sings in Obsessed with the lyrics "Why are you obsessed with me/lying that you're $exing me?”.

Michael Jackson Autopsy Leaked: Michael Jackson Autopsy Details Indicated Pop of King Body Damage

King of Pop Michael Jackson dies in Los Angeles

The shock findings of the Michael Jackson autopsy have been leaked out into the internet.

The King of Pop was severely emaciated, almost bald, and badly disfigured at the time he died at his rented Los Angeles home last Thursday June 25, according to The Sun.

Here are some details of the late pop icon’s autopsy report:

*The 5ft 10in star weighed just 112 pounds. His stomach was empty except for some partially dissolved prescription pills.

*He was almost bald with only “peach fuzz” covering his scalp. He was reportedly wearing a wig at the time of his death. The bridge of his nose had vanished and its right side had partially collapsed.

*He was dotted with needle wounds on his hips, thighs and shoulders, believed to be the result of injections of narcotic painkillers he took three times a day for years. And a mass of surgery scars that suggest he had at least 13 cosmetic operations.

*His ribs were broken by CPR as paramedics tried to revive the singer after he collapsed in cardiac arrest. And 4 injection sites near his heart were found, apparently the result of a failed attempt to pump adrenaline directly into the organ to restart it.

"Michael’s family and fans will be horrified when they realise the appalling state he was in,” a source close to the Jackson camp said.

"He was skin and bone, his hair had fallen out and had been eating nothing but pills when he died. Injection marks all over his body and the disfigurement caused by years of plastic surgery show he’d been in terminal decline for years.

Janet Jackson BET Awards 2009 Michael Jackson Tribute (Video)

2009 BET Awards - Show

Michael Jackson’s sister and father, Janet Jackson and Joe Jackson, attended the Black Entertainment Television (BET) Awards at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles Sunday night.

During her brief appearance at the event, Janet gave an emotional statement on her brother, Michael Jackson, who passed away Thursday June 25 at the age of 50.

BET Awards held in Los Angeles

"My entire family wanted to be here tonight but it was too painful… To you, Michael is an icon. To us, Michael is family. And he will forever live in all of our hearts. On behalf of my family and myself, thank you for all of your love, thank you for all of your support. We miss him so much. Thank you so much," the 43-year-old singer said tearfully.

After that, host Jamie Foxx performed a duet of the Jackson 5's I'll Be There with singer-songwriter Ne-Yo to pay tribute to the late pop icon.

R.I.P Michael Jackson, The King of Pop!

Janet Jackson BET Awards Michael Jackson Tribute video (June 28)

Michael Jackson Final Rehearsal Video to be Released as CD, DVD & Album

Michael Jackson picture

Michael Jackson's final rehearsal for his London concert tour on June 24, the night before his passing, could be released as the king of pop’s last album and DVD, according to

The several-hours-long rehearsal at the Staples Center in Los Angeles for the pop icon’s scheduled July 13 London concert was taped by concert promotion company AEG Live. It would be used to produce both an album and DVD of what Jackson had billed his "final performance” tour, titled “This Is It”. The footage also could be used to produce both a DVD and/or blu-ray discs of the entertainer’s last performance.

"We have a live album in the can”, TheWrap quoted one AEG official as saying.

Michael Jackson Time Magazine Special Commemorative Editon (Photo)

Michael Jackson Time Magazine Special Commemorative Editon cover photo

Time magazine will publish a special commemorative issue on the king of pop Michael Jackson, who passed away at age 50 on Thursday June 25. The special edition, which focusing on the life and shocking death of the pop icon, will be available on Monday morning, June 29.

Many celebrities wil share their remembrances in that issue. They include Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Nancy Reagan, Lenny Kravitz, Jesse Jackson, Tommy Mottola, Anjelica Huston, Clive Davis, John Mayer, and many others.

It would be the first time the magazine has come out a special tribute issue since the 9/11 tragic events that took place eight years ago.

Filipino Prisoners Thriller Dancing Michael Jackson Tribute (Video)

Filipino Prisoners Thriller Dancing Michael Jackson Tribute  picture The Filipino inmates, who famed for a YouTube video of their Thriller dance in 2007, performed the show again to pay their tribute to their idol, The King of Pop Michael Jackson.

The 1,500 inmates at the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, who have been practising the show for nearly nine hours on Friday night, danced to the music at the exercise yard inside the prison wall on Saturday morning.

Check out the video below:


Madonna Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter 2009 Campaign: Madge Airbrushed into Barbie Doll? (Picture)

Madonna New Louis Vuitton Ad Campaign Autumn Winter 2009 picture

Madonna’s latest Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter 2009 collection advertisement have been released.

The 50-year-old looks absolutely amazing and youthful like a barbie doll in the second campaign for Louis Vuitton, even much more younger than in the first.

It seems the queen of pop could turn back the time!

But, does someone notice that the fingers of Madonna’s right hand in the ad? Do you think it looks too unnatural?


Michael Jackson Classic Performances (Videos)

Michael Jackson is dead, but the legendary musician will live forever in our hearts!

I’ll never forget his superb singing voice, amazing dancing skills, and his captivating charm on-stage. 

Jackson, you were and always will be the king of pop!

Here are several must-see videos of Michael Jackson's most unforgettable performances.

--Michael Jackson Motown 25 Performance in 1984

--Michael Jackson performing Thriller on a special show in 1987.

--Michael Jackson Peforms The Way You Make Me Feel & Man In The Mirror in 1988 Grammy Awards

--Michael Jackson Dangerous in 1992

--Michael Jackson on the superbowl XXVII in 1993, singing and dancing a medley that included Jam, Billie Jean, Black or White and Heal the World.

-- Michael Jackson Scream, his duet with sister Janet Jackson during the history world tour in 1997.

-- Michael Jackson and Britney Spears singing The way you make me feel at "Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Celebration" 2001.

Michael Jackson's Missing Doctor Found: Dr. Conrad Robert Murray to Speak With Cops

The World Mourns The Death Of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's missing doctor has been found in Los Angeles.

Dr. Conrad Robert Murray, the personal physician of Michael Jackson who gave him a daily painkiller shot of Demerol hours before the King of Pop's shocking death, lived with the Jackson in his Los Angeles mansion.

Dr. Conrad Robert Murray was said to be the only witness on the scene when Jackson collapsed. He was reportedly rescuing Jackson until the paramedics arrived at the scene.

But the private physician went missing after Jackson was officially pronounced dead on Thursday June 25.

Dr. Conrad Murray appeared earlier today and now is ready to speak with officials regarding Michael Jackson's death.

Michael Jackson 911 Call Listen (Audio)

Michael Jackson Live Archive picture

Michael Jackson 911 Call was released.

The emergency call was made by a man caller at 12:21 p.m. Thursday from Jackson’s Los Angeles home.

The caller, who didn’t reveal Jackson’s name on the call, told the dispatcher that the king of pop was already breathless and had no pulse. He even was not responding to CPR.

"We have a gentleman here who needs help….He's not breathing, , and we're trying to pump him…He’s not conscious….I need an ambulance as soon as possible”

"We have a personal doctor [Dr. Conrad Murray] here with him, sir, but he's not responding to anything…He's not responding to CPR or anything."

The called also said Jackson’s personal physician who reportedly lived at the home was only the witness on scene.

"The doctor has been the only one here."

Listen to the Michael Jackson 911 call audio here.

Michael Jackson Died of Cardiac Arrest at 50

Michael Jackson leaving a medical building in Beverly Hills for the third time this week picture

Michael Jackson has died of cardiac arrest at 50 years old today June 25, 2009.

Jackson suffered a heart attack this afternoon. When paramedics arrived at his Holmby Hills home, the pop singer technically was dead, because he was already breathless and had no pulse. After being rushed to the hospital, docs tried to resuscitate him but he was completely unresponsive. Jackson was officially pronounced dead.



John Edwards Mistress Daughter Photo Surfaced; Farrah Fawcett Dies From Anal Cancer at 62; etc

Michael Jackson leaves his doctors office in Beverly Hills, CA picture

John Edwards finally admitted to the affair with former mistress Rielle Hunter after being caught in a hotel with her by the National Enquirer. But he has denied being the father of the child, the daughter of Rielle Hunter.

Michael Jackson has been rushed to a hospital in Los Angeles for cardiac arrest. He was taken by ambulance from his Beverly Hills home after a 911 call came in at 12:21PM on Thursday.

.Farrah Fawcett picture

Farrah Fawcett, the former Charlie's Angel star, has passed away from at 62 years old after a 3-year bout with anal cancer. She died at 9:28 a.m. PST on June 25 at St. John's Heath Center in Santa Monica. Calif. R.I.P!

Amanda Brumfield, 29, the eldest daughter of Oscar winner Billy Bob Thornton, has been charged with first-degree murder following the death of a one-year-old girl she was baby-sitting in Florida last October.

Harvii: Megan Fox Snubbed “Rose Boy” Found After A $5,000 Reward Notice Issued

Megan Fox Snubbed Rose Boy Harvii picture

"Rose Boy”, who was snubbed by Megan Fox at the London premiere of Transformers, has been identifid - he is a 11-year-old schoolboy. His real name is Harvii. And he is living in south-west London, UK, according to reports.

Kim Falardeau, who originally found Harvii, is a 20-year-old Canadian woman. She tracked him down via Facebook after hearing that his name was Harvii through a comment. And luckily, she won the $5,000 prize set by Kodak.

"When the picture came out last week, someone posted as a comment, saying: ‘I think his name is Harvii’, since the pictures were taken in London, I did a search for people named Harvii in London on Facebook, and found him”. Kim told Net News Daily.

Harvii and his family have been offered a trip to Los Angeles to meet Megan Fox.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Arrested After Airport Drunken Fight in Paris (Photo)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers picture

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, the Tudors star, was reportedly detained by French police after a drunken brawl at the Charles DeGaulle airport in Paris.

According to reports, the drunkenly 31-year-old actor punched a waiter who refused to serve him at the café area Le Quotidien. He was said to have thrown money at the officers, boasted about his wealth, and shouted "You wanna hit me? Hit me!" during the detained period.

He has been ordered to appear in a Paris court in September on charges of "willful violence, outrage, hitting and threatening death," Us magazine reported.

The star, who rehabed three times for alcohol addiction, was previously arrested in 2007 for public drunkenness and breach of the peace at Dublin Airport.

50 Cent “I'll Do Anything” Music Video

50 Cent I'll Do Anything Music Video picture

50 Cent has released a music video for I'll Do Anything from the War Angel LP. The 33-year-old rapper, who was fully dressed in the famous brand Gucci, enjoys some romantic moments with his lover in the footage. Check out the 50 Cent I'll Do Anything music video below:

Vanessa Minnillo Nick Lachey Split

Vanessa Minnillo Nick Lachey picture photo

Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey have officially broken up, after nearly three years of dating.

Vanessa Minnillo, 28, the former TRL host, and Nick Lachey, 35, began dating after meeting and shooting in Lachey's music video, What's Left of Me, in 2006, the year after the singer divorced then-wife Jessica Simpson.

"They have amicably split but remain good friends who still greatly care for one another," a rep for Minnillo confirmed that to People magazine.

Megan Fox FHM Sexiest Woman in 2009, FHM “100 Sexiest Women In The World” 2009 Full List

Megan Fox at the Premiere Of DreamWorks Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen - Arrivals picture

Megan Fox, the 23-year-old Transformers beauty, has been crowned as the world’s sexiest woman 2009 in FHM’s annual poll.

Megan was the second person who became the FHM’s No.1 two years in a row, following in the footsteps of Jennifer Lopez, who won the title in 2001 and 2002.

The following are the top 20 of FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women In The World 2009:

1. Megan Fox
2. Jessica Alba
3. Scarlett Johansson
4. Jessica Biel
5. Madeline Zima
6. Adriana Lima
7. Elisha Cuthbert
8. Heidi Montag
9. Anne Hathaway
10. Katy Perry

11. Marisa Miller
12. Britney Spears
13. The Veronicas
14. Erica Durance
15.Angelina Jolie
16. Kate Beckinsale
17.Natalie Portman
18. Hayden Panettiere
19. Eva Mendes
20. Diora Baird

See the full list here.

Sarah Jessica Parker Surrogate Gave Birth to Twin Girls

Sarah Jessica Parker and husband Matthew Broderick picture

Sarah Jessica Parker, 44, and husband Matthew Broderick, 47, welcomed twin daughters via surrogate yesterday.

The twin girls were born at East Ohio Regional Hospital in Martins Ferry, Ohio on the night of June 22. They will join James Wilkie Broderick, 6, as the second and third children for Sarah Jessica and Matthew.

Chris Brown 5 Years Probation for Rihanna Beating; Audrina Patridge Carl’s Jr. Burger Commercial in Bikini (Video); etc

Rihanna in court for the trial of her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown picture
Rihanna in court for the trial of her ex boyfriend Chris Brown

Chris Brown 5 Years probation for Rihanna Beating: Chris Brown will be sentenced to five years probation and 180 days of community labor to be served in Virginia. He will also complete a year of domestic violence classes, and pay fines. The 20-year-old rapper also was ordered to at least 50 yards away from Rihanna – except at industry events, when it's 10 yards - during his probation. He was also ordered not to have any contact with Rihanna including phone, email and text communications.

Audrina Patridge Carl’s Jr. burger ad: The 24-year-old Hills star heats up the new video of Carl’s Jr. Teriyaki Burger ad in in a gold string bikini. Check out the Audrina Patridge Carl’s Jr. Teriyaki Burger commercial below:

Jessica Simpson The Price of Beauty new reality show: The 28-year-old singer is headed back to reality TV in VH1's The Price of Beauty. She will travel all over the world "to meet women, study local fashions, dietary fads and beauty regimes" in different cultures.

Megan Fox flower boy apology video: Megan Fox has issued a public apology for accidentially snubbing a little boy who tried to present the her a single yellow rose follow at the premiere of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in London on June 15.

Kate Gosselin Divorcing Jon Gosselin

Jon and Kate Gosselin picture

Jon and Kate Gosselin, the stars of TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8, have filed for divorce in a Pennsylvania court Monday morning, after 10 years of marriage.

"Over the course of this weekend, Jon's activities have left me no choice but to file legal procedures in order to protect myself and our children. While there are reasons why it was appropriate and necessary for me to initiate this proceeding, I do not wish to discuss those reasons at this time, in the hope that all issues will be resolved amicably between Jon and myself. As always, my first priority remains our children." Kate Gosselin said in a statement Monday night.

Kate Gosselin out with all her kids going to Party City to pick up birthday supplies in Reading, PA picture
Kate Gosselin out with all her kids

Jon Gosselin also released a statement of his own, in it says, “This afternoon, Kate filed for divorce. Our kids are still my number one priority. I love them and want to make sure they stay happy, healthy and safe. My job is being the best, most supportive and loving father that I can be to my kids, and not being married to Kate doesn’t change that."

"This will be a difficult transition for all of us, but Kate and I will work out a schedule that enables our kids to have plenty of quality time with both of us at home in Pennsylvania. In terms of my marriage, it’s no secret that the past six months or so have been very difficult for Kate and me. We are no different than other couples and parents who are facing a crossroads in their marriage. I am of course deeply saddened that we are divorcing."

Jon Gosselin, minus his wife Kate, spent Fathers Day with just his kids, after word that divorce papers have been filed
Jon Gosselin spent Father's Day without Kate but with 8 children

Jon and Kate publicly announced “the big announcement” - they are splitting up - on Monday night’s hour-long special episode.

The couple have 8 kids together, five-year-old sextuplets and eight-year-old twin girls.

Their marriage has been on the rocks for months. Jon was spotted apartment hunting in NYC last week.

Nick Cannon “America’s Got Talent” Season 4 Premieres June 23 (Video)

Simon Cowell, The Hoff and Sharon Osbourne talk about the new series of Americas Got Talent in Los Angeles

Nick Cannon, the husband of Mariah Carey, joins NBC’s America's Got Talent as a first-time host on its fourth season, which premieres on Tuesday, June 23 at 9pm.
Britain's Got Talent's judge Piers Morgan, Baywatch star David Hasselhoff and The Osbournes' Sharon Osbourne are judges for the new reality competition series.
Following the step of Britain’s Got Talent, will the latest season of America's Got Talent give all of us a great surprise – discovering a international big star such as Susan Boyle?
Check out the preview video of America's Got Talent 2009 below:

Farrah Fawcett Ryan O'Neal to Wed

Ryan O'Neal

Farrah Fawcett, 62, and Ryan O'Neal, 68, are going to tie the knot after 27 years of dating.

"I've asked her to marry me, again, and she's agreed." O'Neal told Barbara Walters in an interview for ABC’s 20/20 which airing this Friday.

"We will, as soon as she can, say yes," the actor said.

Farrah Fawcett picture

Fawcett met O'Neal in 1982 after her separation from actor Lee Majors. The couple have been on and off several times. They have a son together, Redmond O’Neal, 24, who is currently in jail for drug possession.

The Charlie's Angels actress has been battling rectal cancer since 2006 and now is “fighting for her life”.

Oksana Grigorieva “Say My Name” Music Video

Oksana Grigorieva Say My Name Music Video picture Oksana Grigorieva, the pregnant girlfriend of Mel Gibson, has released a music video of her new single, Say My Name, from her upcoming album, Beautiful Heartbreak.

The 39-year-old Russian singer looks very emotional in the black-and-white footage.

Check out the Oksana Grigorieva Say My Name Music Video below:

Perez Hilton Feuds: Perez Hilton Attacked By Polo Molina, Black Eyed Peas' Manager (Pictures & Videos)

Perez Hilton picture

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton and Black Eyed Peas frontman developed feuds after attending the Much Music Video Awards in Toronto, Canada on Sunday night.

Perez Hilton got into a verbal altercation with Fergie and at the Cobra nightclub early Monday morning and was punched outside by their manager Polo Molina.

After the incident, Hilton, who got a bloody face, did not make a 911, instead called help on his twitter page and accused of attacking him.

"I'm in shock. I need the police ASAP. Please come to the SoHo Metropolitan Hotel now. Please."

"I was assaulted by Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas and his security guards. I am bleeding. Please, I need to file a police report. No joke."

"Still waiting for the police. The bleeding has stopped. I need to document this. Please, can the police come to the SoHo Met Hotel."

"I spoke to my lawyer. I really need to talk to the authorities. Please come to the SoHo Met Hotel. Have called the police. Need them here."


In the same time, created his own Twitter account and posted tweets there, denying he attacked Perez Hilton and accusing him of being a "liar"

"I just made a Twitter account because it isn't cool for someone to blame you and blast you with lies." Will twittered.

"This is dude is crazy...he will go to any length to get press... wow...!!!!" He added before posting two links of his video responses to Perez Hilton's accusation.'s side story of Perez Hilton assaulted, another one here

"I hate you Perez. Come on dude, I didn’t hit you. I told you that I didn’t like the fact the you disrespected us. It’s cool to have your opinion, but dude, apparently you were bleeding outside the club.”

“I was like next to you by a tree, waiting for my car and instead of calling the police you Twitted (wrote on that I assaulted you. Sounds like somebody wants mad (more) attention and is not really concerned about his health. I didn’t hit you, and this is very wrong that you are Twitting that I did that, once again disrespecting me and everything I stand for. And they’re lies and that’s wrong. Shame on you, shame on your behavior. And that’s just messed up.”

Perez Hilton, legal name Mario Armando Lavandeira, responded in an extremely emotional video on his blog, telling "the truth" about how he was attacked in Toronto.

Blake a young Jessica ?

Blake Lively - blake-Lively

Blake Lively has been compared to a young Jessica Lange by writer and director Rebecca Miller.

Gossip Girl star Blake appears in forthcoming movie The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee as the young version of the title character, and the film's director said she wouldn't be surprised if Blake went on to be the next big thing.

Rebecca said: "I don't want to compare her to anyone else because she has her own qualities but there's something about the young Jessica Lange in Blake, with a lot of sensuality and beauty but they are also really substantive actresses."

She continued: "Blake is also very intelligent. So she has this sweetness and an intelligence and a backbone, and a very strong work ethic which I really appreciate because I don't like it when people don't have that.

"And she absolutely held her own - there she was with Alan Arkin, he left that set saying 'this is the best cast film I've done in my life'."

In The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee, Blake plays a troubled teen who starts seeing an older man (played by Alan) and even takes part in a lesbian sadomasochistic photoshoot, orchestrated by a character played by Julianne Moore.

Blake, 21, who plays Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, can also be seen on the big screen in one of the short films that make up New York, I Love You.

:: The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, which stars Robin Wright Penn as the title character, is out in cinemas on July 10.

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Rihanna Te Amo Soundtrack: Rihanna New Song “Te Amo” (w/ Lyrics) Leaked

Rihanna goes to a music studio in NYC with Justin Timberlake picture

Rihanna’s new track titled Te Amo has been leaked onto Youtube.

Te Amo, written by James Fauntleroy, is about a girl who is trying to tell another woman she loves her as a friend but she is not a lesbian.

Check the music video of Rihanna’s Te Amo below:

Rihanna Te Amo Lyrics:

Te amo, te amo
She says to me, I hear the pain in her voice
Then we danced underneath the candelabra she takes the lead
Thats when i saw it in her eyes its over

Then she says te amo then she put her hand around me waist
I told her no,
She cries Te amo i told her im not gonna run away but let me go
My soul hears her cry , without asking why
I said te amo, wish somebody tell me what she said
Dont it mean I love you
Think it means I love you
Dont it mean I love you

Te amo, te amo, shes scared to breathe
I hold her hand, i got no choice uhh
Pull me out on the beach, danced in the water, i start to leave
Shes begging me and asking why its over

Then she says te amo then she put her hand around me waist
I told her no,
She cries Te amo i told her im not gonna run away, but let me go
My soul hears her cry , without asking why
I said te amo, wish somebody tell me what she said
Dont it mean I love you
Think it means I love you
Dont it mean I love you
Think it means I love you

Then she says te amo then she put her hand around me waist
I told her no,
She cries Te amo i told her im not gonna run away but let me go
My soul hears her cry , without asking why
I said te amo, wish somebody tell me what she said
Dont it mean I love you
Think it means I love you
Dont it mean I love you
Dont it mean I love you
Think it means i love you


Lily Allen F@#k You Music Video Released (Video)

Lily Allen Music Video picture 

Lily Allen has released the music video of F@#k you, her new single from the upcoming album It's Not Me, It's You.

"This song is not a direct attack at anyone, it was originally written about the BNP [British Political Party] in the UK but then I felt this issue has become relevant pretty much everywhere, we are the youth, we can make coolness for our future, its up to us. Go green and hate hate.” Allen claimed.

Check out the video of Lily Allen’s F@#k You below:

Niley Video: Miley Cyrus Nick Jonas "Before The Storm” Live Performance at Jonas Brothers’ Tour

Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas Before The Storm Live Performance at Jonas Brothers Tour picture

Miley Cyrus made a surprise appearance at the Jonas Brothers’ new tour at Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas Saturday night.

Niley, the just-reunited cute couple, performed together on stage, singing their duet, Before The Storm, the latest song from Jonas’s new album.

Check out the video of Niley’s Before The Storm live performance below.

Ryan Seacrest Lindsay Lohan Reality Show Planning

Ryan Seacrest photo

Ryan Seacrest and Lindsay Lohan were spotted spending all Thursday night together, that raised much speculations between them.

But now, both of them used their Twitter to explain why - Ryan Seacrest is planning to produce a reality show featuring actress Lindsay Lohan.

"Met with lindsay last night about a show idea I have for helps people and gives others a second shot! Still putting it all together”, the American Idol host wrote Friday.

Lindsay Lohan photo

Lindsay Lohan also revealed the project Friday on her twitter page with the happy words as "Working on a really great project for television- I am excited! Something meaningful like Extreme Home Makeover on ABC.. :)”.

Billy Joel & Katie Lee Divorce: Because of 33 Years Age Difference?

Billy Joel and Katie Lee picture
Billy Joel and his third wife Katie Lee Joel photo

Billy Joel, 60, and his much younger wife, Katie Lee Joel, 27, announced divorce on Wednesday (June 17), after nearly five years of marriage. It was claimed that the 33 years gap of age is the reason behind the seperation.

"It really was just an age thing. She loves the city, she loves to go out and have fun and he prefers to stay at home” a source close to Katie Lee told the New York Post.

Musician Joel met the then 22 year-old Lee in 2003. After dating for a year, the two got married on October, 2004. This was the Piano Man's third marriage, Lee’s first.

"The age difference didn't seem to be a big deal seven years ago [when they met], but it has become one as they got older. They just grew apart." the insider added.

Katie Lee Joel and designer Yigal Azrouel picture
Katie Lee Joel and designer Yigal Azrouel photo

Another rumour said Lee has been hooking up with an Israeli fashion designer Yigal Azrouel for months, and Joel was very furious about that.    Source