it girls have dark eyebrows!

i didn't go out all weekend because i had a TON of work to do..and i still have a ton of work to do. i'm a master at procrastination and i ended up watching the entire first series of footballers wives. i never have time to watch tv on tv but online i watch family guy and two pints religiously. go ahead, shame me.

fuck yeah!

that's right, i just crossed out one big, fat, circled, double underlined 'thing-to-do' on my gigantic list of things to do. and now i'm being ridiculously impatient about having it out of my hands and into the powers that be.

so i'm pretty much jumping up and down in my seat and re-reading my favourite website ever (i found it in like 2007 and i'm still head over heels for it) waiting for things to send! eek.

then i'm gonna be up mad late doing the minimal amount of fashion work that i have due for tomorrow. and i want to wake up+go to school early due to guilt. tomorrow after school i shall come home, crash, wake up in the middle of the night and commence working my ass off once more and then hopefully i will be done with things that loom over my little head.

except i won't because i have a ton more work due for this week and next week. but fuck staying in next weekend. i am totally dressing up, going out + drinking my worries away! (in moderation obvs.)

Miley Cyrus & Bret Michaels Duet “Nothing To Lose” Caused Controversy: Miley Cyrus & Bret Michaels Sing About Getting Undressed in “Nothing to Lose”

Bret Michaels’ new song which featuring Miley Cyrus called Nothing To Lose raised eyebrows when the duet went online Thursday.

Bret Michaels, 46, the former Poison frontman, sings a duet with Miley Cyrus, the 17-year-old Hannah Montana star, about a bitter romance, lyrics such as, "We both know better than this/Tonight in the darkness there's nothing to lose/We both know better than this, still we can't resist/Slowly get undressed."

In the part of chorus, they sing together: "Won't you fall down on me/So close I can feel you breathe/Tonight in the darkness with nothing to lose/If the truth is all we can see/If I fall for you, could you fall for me?"

Miley Cyrus has also reportedly recorded a cover of Poison's hit rock ballad Every Rose Has its Thorn.


listening to tokio hotel and completing any unfinished fashion work. mm...and i need to make a video.

Leonardo Dicaprio Look-A-Like

Leonardo Dicaprio is a handsome charismatic American actor and film producer who is know for many roles including the lead in Titanic and Romeo + Juliet, and many other blockbuster movies.

Here we have a top notch Leonardo Dicaprio look a like.

Kim Kardashian Blonde Hair

Much like her sister Kourtney, Kim Kardashian also has unbelievably beautiful thick black hair, however these pictures are from when Kim decided to go blonde.

I think Kim would look marvelous with any hair color, however her hair is so very dark, the blonde dye didn't stand a chance and the result was a strange off color of blonde.

more cupcakes

i might try to make the cookie monster cupcakes this weekend, if i finish any unfinished fashion work.

Laetitia Casta Look-A-Like

Laetitia Casta is an amazingly beautiful French model and actress.

This lovely young lady appears to possess some of the same facial structure as Laetitia Casta, making her the best Laetitia Casta look a like we could uncover.

Malin Akerman White Teeth

Malin Akerman is a lovely Swedish-born, Canadian film actress and model who is known for her role in the hit movies, Watchmen and Couples Retreat.

The amazing blonde beauty looks to have seemingly perfect straight teeth, great size, and exceptionally white teeth, however i have seen pictures in which her teeth weren't so sparkling white, which leads me to believe she had some fresh teeth whitening prior to this snapshot.

Regardless, she has a very nice canvas to work with.

do you suppose she's a wildflower?

i love mememolly. i predict she'll take over the world someday.
i'm a big fan of mememolly. i absolutely adore her. i've been following her on youtube since 2007 and i got hooked straightaway. i seriously scoured her bebo and came across all these amazing photos of her. i got that excited that i looked through all the photos and saved a couple to my computer that i thought were cool. i have 50 saved believe it or not and i love them. need to make a folder for them.
i also need to make a new video as soon as i have some time. i might do a love video. that's an idea. i found a few photos about love. i need a new video soon. i'm going to do something a little more interesting next time. apart from that, i love mememolly.

Kimberley Walsh Long Flowing Hair

The English pop star could not look anymore fabulous while donning this very lovely and very expensive, long flowing hairstyle.

Kimberley Walsh is usually a sight for sore eyes, however with this particular look, she is just down right stunning.

Beautiful long curls really showcase her beautiful light sandy brown/blonde hair color, making this one of the most amazing hairstyles i have seen in quite some time.

good morning starshine!

good morning starshine, the earth says hello. my next few blog posts are going to be some of my favourite photos. something different. i love this photo. it's also my birthday today.

Orang mlesia bekayak

Da lame da pg.. sje nk post gambar.. :P

along with azza, menit, wani, mel and lynn..
tp x sempat nk amik gamba dgn mereka..
sbb mereka bukan org mlesia.. huhu

Akibat slalu tgk katun transformer..

One day..
there's this handsome super good looking guy :)

much handsomer than squidward :D

can u tell me who is he????

How I spent my 1 week holidae

Aq akan jadi mcm2 ble pulang ke rumah. Antaranye:

Couch potato

Omg.. Da sbulan x tgk tv.. ble jumpe tv mate x kelip2 da.. blik umah lpas ckp hai kat mak trus keras dpan tv.. tgk mtv.. espn.. epl hi-lite yg da ter miss bertahun lame nye.. bertemu mereka ibarat jejak kasih extended version..

Scaredy cat

Ye, mmg.. honestly aq ialah penakot.. nak2 ble alone malam2 sume da tdo.. like, as early as 12 a.m usually all my family members da dkat dreamland da.. aq sorang je ponge2 ke ulu ke hilir.. x tawu la dowg yg x normal ke aku yg x normal :D ha, td time nk kmas kitchen mule la dnga bunyi2 pelik kat luar.. trus pecut 18km sejam pg dpan.. tbe2 dnga org bukak gate.. peh.. tgk2 abg aq bru smpi from kluang.. nsib baik, ade gak teman.. anyway, aq mmg pnakut.. klu kat UTHM nk pg toilet mlm2 pon ajak rumate tman.. oh god.. am I really 20 years young? :D pnakot mcm budak2..

The ultimate ’hantu game’

Ble balik, online download game smpi tgn cramp main game.. nk2 skarang da ade emulator sega, Nintendo..(game2 zaman dulu yg aq ske main mse kecik) sgt best walaupun gambar pixel bsar2.. haha.. n of course, reunite dgn my Nintendo DS yg ter tinggal aritu..

simply pooling around

anyway.. cuti haritu i spent 1 day each dkat my sis n brothers place.. start dkat cheras, shah alam, segambut and lastly bangi.. so i spent sgt ckit mse dkat umah muar.. adui.. xpe2, next weekend i'll be back.. okeh!!

Kirsten Dunst Look-A-Like

Kirsten Dunst is a marvelous Hollywood actress, model, and singer, best known for her role in the movies, Interview with the Vampire and the Spider-Man trilogy.

This beautiful women reminds me of a mixture between Kirsten Dunst and author S. E. Cupp.

Definitely has a Kirsten Dunst look a like quality about her.

Madonna Teeth

If my memory serves me right, Madonna was the person who made it sexy and appealing to have gap teeth, but has Madonna's teeth stood the test of time?

Lets be honest here, Madonna doesn't have outstanding teeth, however considering the circumstances i would say they are very nice, despite her aging gap.

I've definitely seen a lot worse, for celebrities in their 50's.

the beauty of this is what i love

i posted this on my flickr but i thought i'd post it here. i love the orange, it's beautiful. i love how the orange mixes with the other colours. oooh, pretty.

Kevin Spacey Look-A-Like

Kevin Spacey is a marvelous American actor, director, screenwriter and producer, best known for his role in the movies, The Usual Suspects and American Beauty.

Checkout this great Kevin Spacey look a like.

Kirsten Dunst Updo Hairstyle

Here we have the charming young actress, Kirsten Dunst, sporting a unique loosely fitted updo hairstyle with long parted bangs.

Seeing this hairstyle leads me to believe that she was in a rush and her stylist prepared her hair very urgently.

If that was in fact the case, they did an exceptional job at doing so.

Louisa Lytton Teeth

Louisa Lytton is the cute little English actress who is probably best known for her role as Ruby Allen on the British television soap opera entitled, EastEnders.

Louisa has some relatively nice teeth, well shaped and just slight crooked with a very bright "snow shade" of white tint, perhaps a bit too white if you ask me.

Her teeth almost seem to have a fluorescent quality about them, a result of perhaps too many whitening applications.

Ryan Phillippe & Abbie Cornish Split; Abbie Cornish Dumps Ryan Phillippe

Calvin Klein Collection & LAND's 1st Annual Celebration For ALAC

Abbie Cornish and his boyfriend of four years, Ryan Phillippe, have broken up, according to reports.

The 27-year-old Australian actress was spotted removing her belongings from the home they shared together on Sunday.

Abbie ended the relationship with Ryan and she moved out of their home," her rep confirms to People magazine.

The split comes after months of rumors that Ryan was cheating on Abbie. He has been seen hitting the club regularly and being linked to other women.

Ryan, 35, met Abbie on the set of the war drama Stop-Loss in 2006. He has two children with his ex-wife Reese Witherspoon, whom he divorced in 2007 after seven years of marriage.

new photos

i managed to find some beautiful photos yesterday.
i love gorgeous pictures.
gives me an idea for a video.
have decided to post one video every couple of days and try and catch up.
some people have been on youtube longer than me.

it took me 2 fruit bars to finish editing yesterday. posted ya shola s uma to youtube last night. made a video because i got bored. one video done, four to go. i'm going to get more photos uploaded to flickr. wow, upgrading would be lovely right now. i love photography so much. landscape photography especially.
i adore that so much.
but what has really made me fall in love with photography is when it's black and white. i just think woah.
am i a photography addict? definitely yes, but what is strange is i don't have a favourite photographer. how weird lol. i love landscape, sunsets, black and white photography, anything to do with that sort of thing, to me personally, is externally beautiful.
it is. really.

i'm so going to find more photos like i collected yesterday. i need the beauty of it all. i'm completely blown away.
i also love pictures with snowfall.
need lots more of that.
i love photography way too much right now.

i miss this place so much

i miss south wales so much. i hate leaving it all behind. i have such a great time and i get very upset.
it's always been a very important part of my life. it means everything to me. i will be going this year definitely. i love you!
wordpress tomorrow.
birthday in 3 days!
very excited for that. i'm also blogging more on wordpress. haven't blogged there since the 14th. what! i love the photo i posted.

Amazing Short Hair
Amazing Short Hair Styles Trends for winter 2010

Trendy Short
Hot new Trendy Short Hairstyles for winter 2009 2010

Cute Short
Cute Short hairstyles

same short hair

latest in short hair
Short hairstyles - Why is it so popular? Simply, there is a cut for all women and this hairstyle idea is being used as not just as a fashion, but a lifestyle statement. Short hairstyles - and life change - Kylie Mynogue was a celebrity that had it forced upon her but when she recovered from Chemotherapy and made her first appearance, she looked wonderful and launched the hairstyle of 2009 - 2010 to have.

2010 Trendy
Most of the older women choose for a funky, short spike cut. These cuts are easy to maintain and looks well for vigorous women.

Kenny Chesney Look-A-Like

Kenny Chesney is a great American country music artist, who has produced more than 30 Top Ten singles on the U.S. Billboard hot country songs chart, over the course of his career.

What we have here is probably the best Kenny Chesney look a like to have surfaced thus far.

new youtube video

so i made a new video for youtube and uploaded it on thursday. i haven't made a video for a while so it was good to upload again.
my favourite song is be still my heart by deepest blue and it's beautiful.
birthday in four days.
one more day and i'm back on wordpress.
i am so going to do a video to this song one day. i'm considering making two videos with the same song, cinema bizarre of course. i only seem to make videos of them because i love making them.
so i will do that.
a pretty day yesterday.
escaping from all reality would be good right now, it really would.
i miss my cousin lydia.
i miss hanging out together.
i miss a lot of people.
i'm putting a new video together today.
excited about that.
making a video is always exciting for me anyway.
what a rush.
i have a couple of songs planned for use for some videos in the next month so yes, loveliness. i love making videos, the editing, everything. i get a real buzz. i really love posting videos on youtube and i love every single one of my subscribers. i love you guys. 5 videos will be planned soon youtube.
i'll return later.

i've started my new video.
using deeper and deeper. i've got a crazy idea of doing a video to each song of toyz. freaky idea. i want to do different videos as well.
but i'm happy with what i'm doing. very happy if you must know.
i'm editing as i go along again.
i'll upload the video tomorrow. fun. i have to start downloading again.
songs will be:- to start off with anyway.
deepest blue - deepest blue
is it a sin - deepest blue
shooting star - deepest blue
be still my heart - deepest blue. yay!
love those dudes.

Kelly Clarkson Look-A-Like

Kelly Clarkson is a lovely talented singer-songwriter and occasional actress, best known as the winner of the first season of American Idol in 2002.

Here we have a cute girl who bares a slight resemblance to Kelly Clarkson, definitely close enough to be consider i look a like.

Kourtney Kardashian Short Hair

Many of us are familiar with seeing the beautiful Kourtney Kardashian with long flowing thick black hair, and it looks amazing i might add, but have you ever seen her with a shorter hairstyle?

Checkout this picture of Kourtney Kardashian while sporting a cute sleek shoulder length hairstyle.

A very edgy hairstyle indeed!

Liv Tyler Stained Teeth

Liv Tyler is a lovely celebrity actress and the daughter of legendary rock star, Steven Tyler.

And if anyone knows Steven Tyler, they know about his rather huge set of teeth, and it appears the apple didn't fall far from the tree with his beautiful daughter, Liv Tyler.

Liv has the same basic teeth structure as her father, possessing exceptionally large teeth, however they are far less white than her dads chompers, in fact they are slightly stained from perhaps too much coffee or soda.

However they are quite lovely in comparison to, say, Drew Barrymore's stained teeth.


i listened to this all the way through the other day. i'm very very impressed. i love it. i really do love it. favourite song is probably humanoid and automatic.
tom's guitar playing is really good on this album. i'm very impressed with scream as well - german for schrei.
listen to humanoid. i love it so much. bill is amazing. he's adorable. not much more to say about bill. a beautiful boy.
what you see is what you get with bill kaulitz.
he is who he is and i love him so much. bill, you are beautiful and i love you. and tom of course.
go and get humanoid.
it's great, i love it.
we're all humanoid haha!

i have very dry skin on the back of my right arm. it itches like a fat bitch. go away. birthday in five days. what?! oh good lord. i can feel another rant today.
i passed the 30 video mark on youtube yesterday after i posted je ne regrette rien. woo hoo! i'm going to do something different next time. you know i love you youtube.
i like this photo a lot. a promotional photograph i think. bands do a lot of promotional work as well. i wouldn't do promoting. hard to choose between scream and humanoid. my version of scream has the german version of monsoon - durch den monsun. i love the german version.
i wouldn't swap it for anything.
getting more clothes tomorrow which will be great.
i love shopping for clothing. i like that.

favourite songs: humanoid, automatic, monsoon, on the edge.

Keira Knightley Look-A-Like

Keira Knightley is an amazingly talented and beautiful English film actress, known for her role in the movies, Bend It Like Beckham and the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy.

Feast your eyes on this lovely young women who bares some very similar characteristics to Keira Knightley.

Is she worthy of Keira Knightley look a like status?

fun with flickr - again

updated my flickr yesterday.
28th birthday next week. woo. very excited. i hope to get a message from alex. i love you alex.
going to go clothes shopping to treat myself. why not?
28 is a landmark age.
speaking of flickr, i can only have limited storage and if i upgrade to the pro account, i get unlimited photo/video storage.
sounds good.
sounds very good.
bought 3 pairs of black tights last sunday. i have purple and blue-green tights as well. i have a thing for tights at the moment. whatever, i love them.
i'm considering getting another cardigan with the lace back. i love it. i spotted a navy one and i love navy and i want it. so i'll get another one. i intend to go nuts this weekend. mum's getting my birthday present. rawr!
listening to la roux. i love la roux.
bulletproof is awesome.
i want to film a video to canvas. i will do that one day.

i want an aswer to this question: if you could listen to one song only for the rest of your life, what would it be?

hope to continue with flickr. a great place for my photos.

my new video is up on youtube. yay!
i'm back. i've missed making a video but a new one has been uploaded.
fun making my new video today. i edited it as i went along, something i never do, i always leave the editing until last. i didn't rush the editing this time.
i need to take more time on the editing when i make my next video. this blog is getting very long. love blogging. i will be back on wordpress next monday. that's the longest i have gone without posting anything on wordpress. but i'm going to return.
saturday will be fun.
primark here i come!
i only shop there from now on.
i'm in need for these smart shorts. so i'll get a pair of those and some other things. friday tomorrow anyway. yay. i will do another video next week sometime. i uploaded my new video to youtube this afternoon. rawr!

Keanu Reeves Look-A-Like

Keanu Reeves is a great Canadian-American actor, best known for his role in the movies, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and the Matrix trilogy.

What do you think about this Keanu Reeves look a like?

Kinda reminds me of the "Constantine" version of Keanu Reeves.

Kristen Bell Long Flowing Blonde Hair

You would be hard pressed to find a picture of the "Veronica Mars" starlet while not having an absolutely fabulous hair day.

Kristen Bell was clearly blessed with tremendous hair quality and texture, and here we have the beauty while donning a gorgeous long flowing blonde hairstyle with cute curls on the end and a nice little half bangs style across the forehead.

Amazing women with amazing hair!

i miss him

i hate it a lot when you fall for someone and you start to miss him.
it's a horrible, horrible feeling.
i have been a complete mess since january 21st 2010.
i was very upset.
lead singer strify from cinema bizarre, who i often refer to as my baby boy, has been a massive part of my life since last year and he means everything to me. i love my baby boy so much and i'm not going to let go of him.
no way.
i will never ever move on from january 21st 2010.
i refuse to.
i really need to do a new video this weekend too. i fall behind. i can't keep up with everybody. so i will definitely make a new video at the weekend. after i return from clothes shopping. i'll make the video saturday and then upload it sunday. i miss making videos.
so yes.
i'm going to be very busy the next few days because i've got to make my new video for youtube, finish my blog here and start my fashion work again. so i have a lot going on.
also updated my itunes. cool.
i'm so busy the next few days.
i don't mind to be honest. so i feel very busy and i do like that.
my flickr needs updating as well.
wow, i really need to do that.
birthday in 7 days and i'm counting. my mum is getting it for me, my present. 28 years old next wednesday - ooh scary scary scary. it's a scary thing. but i forget how old i am. i'm 3 months older than my cousin jo. i'm older out of all my cousins. i'm the oldest. yay. i'm the oldest out of all of them put together.

jo - born 27th may 1982.
tom - born 24th march 1984.
alexa - born 17th january 1985.
lydia - born 10th december 1995.
olivia - born 22nd november 2008.
darcy rose (2nd cousin) - born 1st january 2010.
i am now uploading every photo i have to my flickr account. it'll take me a few hours. fun though.

i'm done with flickr for this month.
i'm not leaving flickr, an upgrade would be lovely.
i'll probably update flickr every couple of days and do another blog on tumblr because my flickr only allows up to 200 snaps.
oh bum.
i have too many photos don't i?
flickr is a lot of fun. it's great, i love it.
i'm wearing no make-up whatsoever.
ha! i will do a private tumblr blog. something that's mine.

Lisa Kudrow Teeth

Lisa Kudrow is the cute bubbly celebrity actress who is best known for her role as Phoebe Buffay in the smash hit television sitcom entitled, Friends.

Over the years, i have admired Ms Kudrow's teeth for their nice size and the sheer straightness, not to mention the beautiful white tint, which she may or may not have needed teeth whitening products to achieve, its difficult to say.

Katie Holmes Look-A-Likes

Katie Holmes is a super cute and talented celebrity actress who is probably best known for her role as Joey Potter on the television teen drama, Dawson's Creek.

Katie Holmes has a truly unique look about her, however we were able to find a couple of cute Katie Holmes look a likes who possess some of her qualities.

the angels are flying so low

i feel like i have an angel watching over me. i really believe that. maybe all of us actually do have an angel of some sort watching what we do.
how many times have i looked up at the sky looking for my angel? so many times.
i can picture her.
i keep looking for her. i sometimes really can feel her watching me, especially at night. that is when i definitely know.
do angels really exist? how many of us feel like we've got one?
i know i do. so to picture an angel, what would it look like? something like this angel pictured in this photo. that's so freaky.
as the title says, the angels are flying so low.

Katherine Heigl Look-A-Likes

Katherine Heigl is the gorgeous outspoken celebrity actress, who is best known for her role as Dr. Izzie Stevens on Grey's Anatomy. She has also starred in several blockbuster movies including, Knocked Up, 27 Dresses and The Ugly Truth.

Here we have a couple of really cute Katherine Heigl look a likes.