i miss him

i hate it a lot when you fall for someone and you start to miss him.
it's a horrible, horrible feeling.
i have been a complete mess since january 21st 2010.
i was very upset.
lead singer strify from cinema bizarre, who i often refer to as my baby boy, has been a massive part of my life since last year and he means everything to me. i love my baby boy so much and i'm not going to let go of him.
no way.
i will never ever move on from january 21st 2010.
i refuse to.
i really need to do a new video this weekend too. i fall behind. i can't keep up with everybody. so i will definitely make a new video at the weekend. after i return from clothes shopping. i'll make the video saturday and then upload it sunday. i miss making videos.
so yes.
i'm going to be very busy the next few days because i've got to make my new video for youtube, finish my blog here and start my fashion work again. so i have a lot going on.
also updated my itunes. cool.
i'm so busy the next few days.
i don't mind to be honest. so i feel very busy and i do like that.
my flickr needs updating as well.
wow, i really need to do that.
birthday in 7 days and i'm counting. my mum is getting it for me, my present. 28 years old next wednesday - ooh scary scary scary. it's a scary thing. but i forget how old i am. i'm 3 months older than my cousin jo. i'm older out of all my cousins. i'm the oldest. yay. i'm the oldest out of all of them put together.

jo - born 27th may 1982.
tom - born 24th march 1984.
alexa - born 17th january 1985.
lydia - born 10th december 1995.
olivia - born 22nd november 2008.
darcy rose (2nd cousin) - born 1st january 2010.
i am now uploading every photo i have to my flickr account. it'll take me a few hours. fun though.

i'm done with flickr for this month.
i'm not leaving flickr, an upgrade would be lovely.
i'll probably update flickr every couple of days and do another blog on tumblr because my flickr only allows up to 200 snaps.
oh bum.
i have too many photos don't i?
flickr is a lot of fun. it's great, i love it.
i'm wearing no make-up whatsoever.
ha! i will do a private tumblr blog. something that's mine.