new youtube video

so i made a new video for youtube and uploaded it on thursday. i haven't made a video for a while so it was good to upload again.
my favourite song is be still my heart by deepest blue and it's beautiful.
birthday in four days.
one more day and i'm back on wordpress.
i am so going to do a video to this song one day. i'm considering making two videos with the same song, cinema bizarre of course. i only seem to make videos of them because i love making them.
so i will do that.
a pretty day yesterday.
escaping from all reality would be good right now, it really would.
i miss my cousin lydia.
i miss hanging out together.
i miss a lot of people.
i'm putting a new video together today.
excited about that.
making a video is always exciting for me anyway.
what a rush.
i have a couple of songs planned for use for some videos in the next month so yes, loveliness. i love making videos, the editing, everything. i get a real buzz. i really love posting videos on youtube and i love every single one of my subscribers. i love you guys. 5 videos will be planned soon youtube.
i'll return later.

i've started my new video.
using deeper and deeper. i've got a crazy idea of doing a video to each song of toyz. freaky idea. i want to do different videos as well.
but i'm happy with what i'm doing. very happy if you must know.
i'm editing as i go along again.
i'll upload the video tomorrow. fun. i have to start downloading again.
songs will be:- to start off with anyway.
deepest blue - deepest blue
is it a sin - deepest blue
shooting star - deepest blue
be still my heart - deepest blue. yay!
love those dudes.