Christina McLarty Is Joe Francis Girlfriend!

Christina McLarty, picture below, is Joe Francis’s girlfriend! To be exactly, Christina McLarty already is the fiancée of Joe Francis. Can’t be wrong!

Christina McLarty Joe Francis Girlfriend Picture
Christina McLarty: Girlfriend of Joe Francis (Credit: Youtube)

Christina McLarty usually reports news on celebrities or socialites as she is an entertainment news reporter with CBS's affiliated KCAL9 in Los Angeles. It’s totally not surprised that she had interviewed Bill Clinton, Rudolph Giuliani, Diane Sawyer, Clint Eastwood, Warren Beatty and Annette Benning among others.

Today Christina McLarty herself hits the entertainment news headlines when the reports saying she’s engaged to Joe Francis surfaced.

Girl Gone Wild founder Joe Francis
Christina McLarty boyfriend: Girls Gone Wild founder Is Joe Francis (Picture © Glenn Francis,

If Christina McLarty’s boyfriend were not Joe Francis, the pretty brunette journalist couldn’t have became the most searched celeb on Google. So, apparently. This has something to do with Francis.

Who’s that guy named Joe Francis? Simply put, he’s one of the most notorious men in Hollywood! Wanna know what he’d done, Wikipedia has the best answer!

Christina McLarty picture
Showbiz reporter: Christina McLarty
(credit: Youtube)

Christina McLarty, whose family is originally from Arkansas, is the niece of President Bill Clinton's former White House chief of staff Mack McLarty. She graduated from New York University, majoring in Broadcast Journalism and English.

McLarty's passion is interviewing. But during her free time, Christina enjoys cooking, reading, checking out the local farmers markets, and tending to her 4-year-old Basset Hound named Snoop Dog (not Snoop Dogg!).

Christina McLarty Biography on CBS 2 (w/ profile picture)

According to reports, Christina McLarty has been dating Joe Francis for four years although the relationship wasn’t without ups and downs. Not until recently during a trip to France’s Saint-Tropez, Francis knelt down on one knee and asked McLarty to marry with him.

Wish Christina McLarty All the Best!