Long Curly Hair Styles

A lot of women love to have long curly hair but not all are blessed with it, neither all those who have, are happy about it. They are not happy with the manageability of the hair. Curly hairs tend to become frizzy especially when brushed and sometimes become impossible to comb. But with today’s styling products, people with naturally curly hair are offered with a lot of styles to choose from.
These are some very attractive and easy to do styles for people who have long curly hairs like:
Ringlets and Roses: - To create this style, lift up all your hair on one side of the head and smoothen the hair with your fingers or a wide toothed comb. After it has been smoothed out properly with the curls visible, you will have to tie a fastener to this portion of the hair to secure it above the head. You can wear a bejeweled clip or a rose to give a dressy look. To add shine to your curls, you can apply liquid curl definer. This look is apt with a black dress.

Doing an Up do: - For this hairdo, you have to gather all your hair and tie it into a ponytail right at the middle of the hair. Then wrap the ponytail around into a bun and secure it with some pins. Another option is to tie a partial knot with a portion of your hair and leave the rest of the hair flowing down the back.Not all people are fortunate enough to have such natural curls. There is no other way, but to get them curled. One way to create such loose bouncy curls are to use curling iron. You can also use hot rollers which take just ten minutes to get your hair curled. To get tighter curls, all you have to do is just apply a spray mist on your hair just before rolling them onto the rollers. For getting loose curls you have to apply a soft shine wax on the ends and some hair spray to hold the curls firmly and yet give a glossy look. If you want to create shiny loose curls, all you have to do, is apply a soft shiny wax to the ends of your hair. These help the hair from getting frizzy.

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