What Reason I'm so in Love with this man

Hell, I wanna re-write again about my boom2 Manuel Neuer :)

This baby-faced goalkeeper is totally make me mad, I'm in Love with him !!!
Last time I saw him in match between Schalke and Lyon, He lost 1-0 in the group stage of UEFA championship. Why Manu?? You have lost the three last match in bundesliga and now Schalke open their group E campaign with a lost?
You must be in your maximum focus Manu ! Don't disappoint Schalke fans more again (coz I'm starting to pick Bayern Munich)

Moritz clearly making a fault with a backpass to Manu, and Manu didn't get it right He hesitated with the decision, The worst .. Manu stop right in front of Mitchel Bastos face and crushed him. The ball in and I'm started to cry. I remember it clearly, The Schalke fans started to yell "Manu-el Manu-el" when Manu saved the ball inside the 18 yard box.

In 2007 UEFA championship a 21 years old Manuel did a FANTASTIC goalkeeping skill ..
He saved all FC Porto's effort included Lisandro Lopez and Bruno Alves's Penalty shoots with world class save, and Schalke emerged as a winner in their quarter final match. Because of his heroic effort Manu has nominated Best Goalkeeper of the year along with Petr Cech, Pepe Reina, Edwin van Der Saar and other legendary Goalkeeper, he was the only Bundesliga Goalkeeper and was the youngest.

And in the World Cup South Africa, he succesfully fooled Jorge Larrionda, an Uruguayan referee when Germany against England in the quarter final. (Most hooligans maybe hate Manuel much than the referee :) ) A Ghost goal by Frank Lampard was disputed by the referee and the FIFA crew, Manu fail to catch the ball in the air, the ball hit the crossbar and fall to the ground about 30 cm away from the goal line. A clever Manu immediately rush for the ball and kicked it away. And Lampard's goal was never exist. (HAHAHAHA)
Another fact :
Manu has been in Schalke about 20 years long.
He dedicated in there since he was only 4 and never make a move. He described himself as a Schalke boy.

Okay about Manuel,,,
Personally I think he is Good-Looking, I never see a Goalie like that before, he has a baby-face !! I just can say HOW CUTE HE IS
His blue eyes are seems like humiliating (I'm really obsessed with BLUE and BLOND) and he is Blondy (??)
Manu is not slim but not fat, he just big and tall.
He really has a unique personality, believe it or not He ever Kissed a boy !
He ever kiss his Schalke teammate Timo Kunert, but I don't straightly claimed Manu a gay. Maybe he just making a joke, or He does accidentally kissed Timo's lips when he wants to kiss his cheeks (??)

And how about his Goalkeeping skill ?
Manu has great reflexes and expert in ball-reading.

How could I'm in love with this man?
It's really difficult to write it,
He is cute and expert ... That's it !
He is the person who determined me to be a great Goalkeeper, I will never lose my feeling for you Manu....

I was just wondering, If I'm with him...How he hold my hands (?)