Two Sides To Every Story

you think you know me
but the question is
which one?

Guten nacht!
it's evening here on Bali. quite a nice day here, nice weather, nice events, nice windblows (ps : it's been hard-wind-day lately here)
anyway, i'm going to write something about two sides on everyone. i don't know about you, but for me, there's really two sides lies on me. the nice one and the bad on me.some people says it's dual personality. but some of them denied, because dual personality only happens to people who doesn't even know about the other personality consciusly. but this one is different, because you know everything about them both, and take them out individually based on events occured. at least, i do.

everytime, people tend to show the nice side, instead of bad side. me too. the nice side comes out almost all time, and do something which the bad side of me doesn't even willing to do.

the nice me tend to do eveything to please everyone. smiles, let's people decide, follow the rules, follow the order, and even smile when someone hurting me.

while bad me tend to do all the opposites, say everything i want, tell everything i want, showing hatred when i hate of being in a situation, sarcasm, and showing anger at everytime i want.

so when a bad event occured, and the nice me can't even handle anymore, and the bad of me shouting to come out, i always try to get out the third personality. which handle them all. i call this : Silence

Silence tend to do nothing and just enjoy everthing that can be enjoyed, while all the personalities calm down. but the bad side is, people always think this side of me as ARROGANT and Anti-social. while i always feel kinda calm when Silence come out.
i have to do nothing to please everyone, and i have to do nothing either to be hated by everyone.

what about yours?