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Blake Lively

It took a grand total of 10 days for Blake Full of life to shatter our dreams and ensure that she is actually not starring as a younger Carrie Bradshaw in Michael Patrick King's adaptation of "The Carrie Diaries."

"No, that's not true. I'm a huge fan of the present and an enormous fan of Sarah Jessica Parker but sadly-effectively, luckily-I'm beginning this movie ['Hick']," Blake instructed ITN at the Elle Style Awards.

The up-and-coming 23old fashionista certainly seems to be following in SJP's style footsteps even if she won't be filling her sneakers in entrance of the camera. However, as Blake mentioned, she has another exciting initiatives to sit up for instead.

In addition to representing the Oscar-nominated "The City" at subsequent Sunday's Academy Awards, Blake can even start doing press rounds for this summer's "Green Lantern." But, it's her upcoming position as Chloe's mother in "Hick" that has us scratching our heads!

"It is utterly different [from 'Gossip Woman']. I play a mom of a 13-, a southern lady who's additionally a meth addict. So it is pretty different," she said.

Final we heard it had been Kirsten Dunst who was in talks to play Chloe's younger mother, but it seems like Blake has since nabbed the role. The movie is written and might be directed by indie filmmaker Derick Martini, and can follow Chloe as a pistol-packing thirteen-Nebraska woman who runs away to Las Vegas and finally ends up helping a cocaine-snorting grifter with a robbery. It positively seems like a change of pace for each the younger stars.


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