Movie Marathon and stuff..

Well first of all, sorry bloggy, sebab aku memang busy or membuat2 busy dalam kehidupan yang sebenar..
betul, kerja banyak, but most of the time aku bukan buat kerja pun..
last minit baru buat..

so that day I go back Muar on Friday evening..
later that day I was like, thinking..
lame da tak tengok movie eh..
so I told mum lets go to my brothers house in Bangi..
and she said yes, jum siap2 pergi bustand..
then I drove, on my way to bustand, mum says,
eh you can drive lah, so drive sampai Bangi lah
and I drove 140kmph until the car shake shake shake shake it~
da sampai.

Esoknya I follow my bro pergi kerja..
I window shop like 15 minutes
then start my first movie!


starring Natalie Portman, movie ni bole la best.. Her acting were amazing, patut la bole menang award.. Pasal sorang ballet dancer ni, dia kemaruk sangat nak kat satu watak utama ni, sebagai Swan Queen.. dia kena potray both black and white swan.. then dia macam da gila sangat obses ngan watak tu sampai..ha, tengok la sendiri.. :p also, ada appearance by Winona Ryder. Love her voice, never change since Edward Scissorhand.. Tapi cerita ni ada la tut2 sikit.. Sikit je.


starring Alex Pettyfer and that cheerleader chick from Glee. Hmmm.. I think this movie is good. Not great, but good. Maybe because I watched it twice in the same day -__- okay this story is about a kid named John Smith (lol) he has special power to protect his planet nanti.. okay I'm already lazy to review summore so just go google yourself xD


Starring Alex Pettyfer, Vanessa Hudgens, Mary-kate Olsen (or was it Ashley? nevamind they both look the same anyway). This story is like, modern day Beauty and the Beast.. I kinda like Alex and Vanessa punya chemistry in this one rather than him with the blondie in I am number 4.. Alex actually had to shave his head to become 'the beast' (Hunter). And dekat brow die, ada tulisan jawi, I tried to read tapi tak paham. Macam takde makne je.

then after 3 movies, it was already 2am.. I wander around the silent GSC (nasib baik takde shomba) then my bro suruh duduk goldclass.. so cool inside.. tengah main I am number 4 dalam tu.. tu la aku tgk 2 kali and like. duh. Then I stayed in there, sejukk, with comfy chairs.. nak tidur tapi tak ngantuk. So i waited till my bro habis kerja, and go back around 3..

There you have it, my 1day movie marathon. I'll do it for a week if I could. Tapi kelas mencemburui aku. Yelah, Isnin dah kelas. Ahad da kena balik. duh. Nevamind, I'll be back.. Lagipun nak tengok No String Attached dengan 127Hours tak sempat.. Takpe!! next movie:

Never Say Never bebeh!!

ye, ini gamba dalam toilet GSC..

ye, ini gold class gsc

p/s: first time tengok Alex pettyfer "ape mamat ni muke ketul2...tak best lah"..
selepas 2 jam stengah.. "wahh hot lah dia xD"