Memorable Moment

MEMORABLE MOMENT... in Senior High School

When you are in senior year of senior high school, you will feel somethings special.
It’s when you and your friends just realized what friendship is,
It’s when there are many adventures you have to face,
It’s when you start to build your future,
It’s when you laughing out with your friends, or crying down,
It’s when you just found your first love, or get your first kiss,
It’s when you wanna live that time forever,
It’s when the goodbye is coming closer..

There’re so many kind of us, live together, stay together, laugh together, cry together..
Sometimes our humours hurt, but it’s allright, cus we know we are brother and sister..
Team work, we often do, although there’s your friend do nothing beside you, or just play their blackberry..

My friends in whenever you are,, Keep holding on..
Cause we never know what the future bring.. or in the next, it’s god’s secret..
I just want to tell, that I still can’t believe, now, it’s time for us to goodbye.
3 years, isn’t enough to recognize all of student in school.
But, God introduced you all to me.. X.8 , XI Science 3 and the last XII Science 4 people..

You know, you all are the best !!

I remember, the first friend I have known thats Dwi Rejeki.. She’s good person, easy going, thats why in our first day, we have been friend. And it’s followed by others my friends.. In my first year, I have a lot friends that I’ve never imagined !! Until a new student came in second semester, and she would be my best friend then, it’s Dini Saputri. And in that time, I felt in love with a boy in different class.. But it was not going long...

In second year, I choosed science as my program study. And I got in same class with Dwi again. I made a gank with few of my friends in XI Science 3, that name is kudung gank. It’s just because all girls in that gank used kerudung. In last year, we went to senayan, watched live indonesian open. It was fun, although only 6 persons joined, Me, Dewi, Maharani, Bintang, Tito and Yoseph..

Now, in senior year.. I’d tell you the story of this in next entry...
Hope you’ll read it all..
Thankyou my beloved readers, xoxo