Nipple Covers The Premier Resolution

As attitudes change and the human body is seen in it’s uncovered state more and more, a simple accessory is once again becoming big news. Americans call them pasties, the Australians call them dimmers but no matter their name they are protecting women’s nipples all over the world.

Attached to the body by means of double sided hypo-allergenic tapes or a skin friendly glue, the pastie is very easy to remove. You will find that nipple covers come in a range of styles and colors from skin colored to brightly colored with different shapes such as flowers or hearts. There are many versions of nipple covers, some are throwaway or single use others can be washed and then dried for use another time, there are silicone, foam and even fabric covers. If money is a major consideration, you are advised to go with silicone nipple covers as there re-usable nature can mean savings. Nipple covers are as varied in their price range as they are varied in their themes and colors, throwaway covers are the cheapest, in most cases and the re-usable silicone covers are without doubt the more expensive. Most local chemist will stock these items, otherwise try the internet for a vast choice.

Nipple covers have been around for a long time but only recently are they becoming known as a fashion accessory, previously they had been confined to players in the theatre of days gone by. Pasties enabled performers at strip joints and burlesques to stay within the confines of the law and yet ply their trade in as a professional manner as was possible. Depending on the location, some exotic dancers are required in the United States to use nipple pasties to comply with the nudity laws. Nipple covers used to be an one dimensional deal but not any more, Now they can be bright and cheerful or glittery and suggesting, tassles abound and even novelty covers involving sound effects such as bells. Pasties have now become a fashion statement in their own right, seen in dance clubs, on beaches and are even seen as add-ons to bikinis.

Nipple covers are intended to cover nipples that might protrude through skin tight tops if a woman was not wearing a bra. With the advent of strapless bras, you would think that sales of nipple covers would dive but this was not the case, a woman will feel a lot more comfortable when using pasties instead of the bra, Nipple chaffe is the scourge of a woman, nipple covers make this a thing of the past and as every man knows, a woman with healthy nipples is a lot better company. Special bra insert nipple covers do not have an adhesive backing and are simply held in place by your bra.

Some nipple covers have fake nipple attached and these are excellent for women who have lost nipples due to a mastectomy. Nipple covers with nipples are true to life and made of silicone for a realistic feel and colored to match any skin tone. You can have them custom built to suit any shape, or size. So Really, whatever the reason, the use of nipple covers is more and more common and not something that is left to the theater.