retro revelation

hi guys i'm back to posting pictures again. i really miss posting pictures. to kick off my return, here are some retro pics. i'm into anything at the moment. i'm now using all my pictures i've got. just one highlight today is the wedding.
so lovely to see.
kate looked amazing in her dress.
you and i might not be together anymore so whatever. i can learn to live with it. you learn i suppose. yeah well. i must now learn from everything and move on.

i wish i could let you know, i wish i had the confidence to tell you how i feel. i wish i could tell you every word and thought that goes through my mind every single day. when i hear your name i can't help but smile, when i see you my heart beats faster and faster. i get butterflies in my stomach whenever you come around and i can't help but fall for you more and more each day.

i told you that i loved you once, and i meant every single word i said.
i don't lie about stuff like that, i've never felt this way about anyone else.
it takes a lot for me to tell someone i love you and i said it to you.
i do love you, a lot.

is it really that hard to tell me if you like me or not?
stop playing with my heart and giving me mixed signals. i want to know the truth, i don't want to have high expectations.
i don't want to be hurt, and i don't want to fall for you. don't fuck with my feelings just because you're unsure of yours.

just a hopeless romantic.
i don't know if anyone else knows what i'm talking about when i say i don't know how i'm feeling. i don't know what mood i'm in exactly. i can't tell if i'm tired, sad, angry, nothing. my stomach feels weird and i don't feel like talking to anyone. i just want to be alone.