i want to forgive you but should i?

you were such a bitch to me.
you think you can talk shit to me and get away with it without apologising when you know it doesn't work that way.
how you apologised to me wasn't on, it wasn't even a real proper apology, just some pathetic lame-ass fucking excuse of an apology. which am i more pissed about?
bitch you don't know me.
you know nothing about me.
you know nothing about anything, my life at all. it's just stupid.
i don't give a shit. i hate you so much right now. DO NOT TALK SHIT TO ME. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!
i want to forgive you.
should i?
maybe i will, maybe i won't.
it's always about you. it's never about anybody else because it's always about you. you're so selfish.

venting in my blog. i'm angry and i need to vent. i'm in an irritated mood. i need to listen to enigma to calm down. i might be pissed at you but i want to see you apologise.
it would make everything happier.
but you're not going to.
and it makes me hate you even more.
right now i do.
it takes one second to betray my trust but it takes a very long time to gain it back.

you shouldn't have done what you did to me. it hurts me more than anything.
hurtful words can cause me more pain.
you went too far. whether due to the fact you were drunk or not, it's not a very nice thing to do to me. i'm sorry.
you don't care.
you don't care how i feel.
it's still painful.
i'm not going to lose sleep over this. it takes a second to say sorry and mean it.
i'm waiting for until you apologise. and then we'll see if i'll forgive you.
we will see. i've a headache so i'm just going to leave it at that.